Friday, 22 August 2008

5 Things Friday...

5 Great South African products you can buy:
South Africa is an new democracy with a growing economy and great products, so herewith 5 great kiddies products you can buy that is proudly South African:

1. Naartjie: Tonya first alerted me to the fact that Naartjie is available in California. On closer investigation - it is widely available through out the world and can be ordered online.

I love Naartjie because it really has a unique look and is super comfortable. The material also tends to stretch a bit as the kids grow so you get good use out of it. The quality is excellent. The clothes are super cute.

The Little Miss (center) in Naartjie
2. Dried mango: South Africa is one of the biggest dried fruit exporters in the world and I use dried mango as teething chews. It's great. 100% natural, low allergen, tasty and relatively clean as teething things go.

3. Shooshoos: These are just brilliant - if I have to pick one product only, this is it. Slip free, super comfortable, 100% non-invasive allowing natural foot growth. They are easy to put on and does not come off in play and is slip free once baby starts walking. I see they are also available in a lot of countries. It is the only shoes my babies wear until they are very steady on their feet.

4. Rooibos tea: This is a super natural product. It is hypo allergic, anti bacterial, naturally calming and high in anti oxidants. Rooibos is the first thing most South African babies drink after mother's milk. At present I mix it with juice for a healthy drink for the kids. I enjoy it black with honey or with milk and no sweetener. Apart from drinking it is great for nappy rash - apply on area and let it dry, for eye infections ( a bit of tea in the eye) and for tired puffy eyes (put a tea bag soaked in boiling water and cooled to a comfortable temperature on your eyes and rest a while). It is famed to help children with colic and allergies. I use skincare products (Annique) based on rooibos tea, also available internationally. It is I know the brand name have been registered in America. And if you have ever read the Alexander Mc Call Smith series (No1 Ladies' Detective Agency series) this is the famous redbush tea Mma Ramotswe drinks.

5. Keedo : Another super South African children's wear retailer. The clothes are beautiful and a small part of the proceeds go to care for destitute children in a Cape Town township. I see the clothes are also available online and through out the world.

Have you come across any of these. What about supporting us?


  1. I love the clothes!! And I may have to look for those cute shoes too.

    ...and one of these days I'll even get back into 5 things Fridays!! (sorry :( )

  2. My babies were shoes like that too. I just love them.

  3. I shop Naartjie online. They've got some fun stuff! Keedo I didn't know about, but they also don't ship to Canada.

    Rooibos is the only tea I'll drink if I can get it (I tend to drink more coffee). I didn't know about the dried fruit, but I do buy Ceres juice here.

    There's a Canadian manufacturer of shoes like the Shooshoos (called Robeez) and that's all my kids wear until they can run outside.

    I'm surprised you didn't mention Bumbos. They're a fabulous South African invention!

  4. I need to start perusing the internet and see how I can get my hands on some of these things...especially the tea!


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