Friday, 26 September 2008

5 Things Friday...

I have heaps and heaps to blog about - like the holiday, the story of The Boys' birth and what's going on in South Africa. Also meme's, tags and awards not acknowledged. But I have to start with the 5 things Fridays again. So in keeping with the holiday last week, 5 essential things you need to go to the beach in South Africa:

The sun in SA is really fierce and South Africans in general are very sun aware as we have a very high occurrence of skin cancer, so most of these have to do with sun protection:

1. Sun suits and not normal swimming costumes are all the rage. You very seldom see kids up until teenage stage in normal swimming costumes on the beach.

2. Sun block off course, factor 50+ all over baby and little person skins. We use block on our faces too and 15+ factor on the rest of our bodies. Sun block is a daily routine at The Little Miss school as well.

3. Wide brim hats for maximum sun protection and 4. Enough sand toys to go around.

5. A sun screen or sunhut to provide wind and sun protection. This photograph was taken in December on The Boys' first day on the beach at 12 weeks old.

So what is essential on the beach in the rest of the world? And is everybody so sun sensitive?

BTW - everything is super calm in SA - we have a new president that I (and apparently 70% of the population) knows nothing about and our second female vice-president. And the positives of this all - our very poor minister of health ( who refuses to acknowledge the full impact of AIDS) has been moved to another post and our highly praised minister of Finance will remain in his post.


    These are sooo cute!
    Looks like everyone had fun.

    Don't worry, I won't spoil Survivor for you....

  2. I think the beach essentials are very similar to here. Our twins especially are always lathered up in sunscreen from head to toe with big hats. A lot of people take the sun tents or big beach umbrellas with them. I think the only thing that is different is that we wear normal bathing suits (even babies), but quite often you'll find kids with rash guards on for added protection.

  3. I love learning about your part of the world. I laughed because we live in Indiana, yet have melanoma in the family, so our kids look just like yours at the beach!!!! I guess our only thing is that it's only hot and sunny about 4 months out of the year!!!!!!

  4. Those pics are great. AMAZING how fast babies grow up! SOO SWEET!

    Hope your having fun. The beach looks really nice. Our beach is gone...nothing left of Galveston after the hurricane. It's sad.

    Hope ya'll are all having a wonderful time! I need a vacation BAD!

  5. What are the essentials for the beach in Alaska?


    A warm down parka, a wool hat (preferrably with ear flaps), hot coffee in a thermos and mud boots!


    It looks like your little gal and guys had a fantastic time in the sand. We just got back from Maui and we could not get the boys to go anywhere near the beach unless we were carrying them.

    Happy 1st Birthday to your little guys! What a great way to celebrate such a big milestone!


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