Sunday, 15 May 2011

My favourite things.

There have been lots about the kids, and our lives and such the last while, but pretty little about myself. So, when I saw Jenty's post this morning it just hit the right button.

Favourite Song - Adele - Rolling in the deep.

Favourite Shop – Woolies andBig Blue
Favourite chocolate –Wedgewood Chocolate Honey Nougat (with real Belgium chocolate). Seriously addictive.
Favourite cookies - Wedgewood Angels - these are seriously great (cookies with nougat)
Favourite food –  Chemeen Murgh Kari - Kerela -Chicken simmered in curry leaves, coconut and spinach, gravy- At Geet Indian Restaurant
Favourite meal that I make –Pasta  - see recipie. I have made quite a few variations, amongst them avo and snoek.
Favourite flower –gerberas
Favourite colour to wear –berry colours
Favourite shoes – black ballet type pumps
Favourite drink – Red wine and gin and dry lemon
Favourite lens – 55-250mm
Favourite place to walk the dogs – Struben dam in Lynnwood Glen
Favourite place to take the kids – Our local park or Foodprint because of their great child minders.
Favourite coffee for every day at home – Douwe Egberts - the red one
Favourite coffee shop – Isabellas
Favourite pizza place – Mimmos with the office - I know, boring, but we do not get out much with Lucy on extended sick leave.
Favourite place to take photos – Struben dam. Anywhere with autumn leaves.
Favourite place for holidays –San Lameer - we just had the most wonderful holiday.
Favourite joghurt – Pick n Pay Choc chip yoghurt
Favourite man –My Hunter - because he is just the best. And I love him. And although he is in the bush this weekend he left me with cooked meals both evenings.
Favourite website – You tube. I know, boring, but I landed on old Ally Macbeal clips on Friday night and had a blast.
Favourite TV programme - Top Billing or Amazing race. I do not watch much TV but do enjoy these.

So what are your favourite things? Feel free to consider yourself tagged.


  1.  Cool post. Am also LOVING Adele at the moment. I may do this on my blog.x

  2.  That pasta dish of yours looks great.  I'm not a great pasta eater so may I ask what is considered "good quality pasta"?  I'm the one who always buys P & P macaroni :P

  3. @5f670ff785189de1e67524b365b53953 , we have a machine, so sometimes I make our own. But I mostly buy M G pasta ( at my local Spar. 

  4. I like this... I get to know you a bit better. Loving Adele too x x 

  5. You honestly always know the coolest places. That kids' place looks cool. A pity it's PRETORIA :)

    I've just done mine

  6.  I struggled to find where I can comment...has it been so long since I visited???

    Very interesting post, got to find out more about your loves....x

  7. @036d0bfddc1652d6269067ef70b9886e Of to read. So why do you not meet us there on a Saturday (and cross the boerewors curtain). Food is just ok, service is not the best, but kids play - the best.

  8. Yup - we have lots in common perhaps thats why we got on so well?

    Nice to read all about you and not just your family xx

  9.  What an awesome man u have! If mine offered to leave me food, I would politely decline! He is not very good in the kitchen!

  10. Oh I love that song!! And ballet pumps :)
    Ooh forgot about TV programs, I would have chosen the same ones

  11. We have the same favourite flower :)

    Going to do this on my blog too ...

  12. Mine on the other hand is.  I just wish the kids would eat better.

  13. @ae6f03a74be54924532f9e4a218581b4  No-thanks for introducing me to those cookies. I have found them locally and really, I should not....

  14. So fun to learn these things about you! (I too am a HUGE gerbera fan!)

    Happy New Week, Cat! 

  15.  You do indeed have an awesome man. Hope you are getting some well-deserved rest today.

  16. @3bd3bfb05fe7cbf88a427a92a8e8925a My poor hubby has to work today - but on Saturday I am not only going for a facial (organized and paid by him), but also for my hair.

  17. I love that song, too! I think I'll save a post like this for a day when I've got nothing else. You're right - we blog about the kids so much but rarely ourselves. :-)


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