Tuesday, 30 January 2018


You know that little meme thingy going around on Facebook where someone asks you to add a word of encouragement starting with the first letter of your name? My IRL name starts with an R and I always give them "Rejoice" as a word. Such a  hugely positive word.

I have had a word of the year for the last few years. Some years have turned into quite the opposite and others have been very successful . My year of "Hope" turned out exactly that and in my year of "Brave" it was exactly what is needed. Somehow this year "Rejoice" came to me almost the moment I started thinking about a word. In fact, no other word came to me.

Most of you know that 2017 was my "Anus Horibilis" - it was hectic. This year has all the potential to be a difficult one too. But I choose to "Rejoice" and I will. As I was milling over this I found the confirmation that indeed it was the right word for the year.  I saw this blog post (Written in Afrikaans) about the drought in Cape Town. Please read it if you are able to understand Afrikaans . It is all about trusting God and rejoicing at the same time.

So I will live this year and rejoice:

Habakkuk 3:17-19 New International Version (NIV)

17 Though the fig tree does not bud
    and there are no grapes on the vines,
though the olive crop fails
    and the fields produce no food,
though there are no sheep in the pen
    and no cattle in the stalls,
18 yet I will rejoice in the Lord,
    I will be joyful in God my Savior.
19 The Sovereign Lord is my strength;
    he makes my feet like the feet of a deer,
    he enables me to tread on the heights

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

My year in books 2017

Yes, I know I haven't blogged in forever and I will chat about that soon enough. But you all know that my enthusiasm for books and reading is endless and brings me much joy. I always do a review of the books I read every year and it's always a popular post. So herewith- my year in books 2017.

Book of the year (English):


1."The Satanic Mechanic- Tannie Maria Mystery #2" by Sally Andrew
Absolutely delightful like the first tannie Maria book it is a mix of a murder mystery and pure South African Karoo magic with a great touch of humour and compassion. It is the most charming book! For my review read here.

2. "My grandmother sends her regards and apologies" by Fredrik Backman
Backman's magic continues with this book written with a bit of magic realism added to his usual odd and charming characters. I enjoyed it even more than "A man called Ove"

3. "Big little lies" by Liane Moriarty. A very clever and well written book that investigates so many of our daily issues. I enjoyed the play between moms and how we see this unfold every day in our own lives.

Boek van die jaar (Afrikaans):

1. "Mentje Kind van Pas-opkamp" by Irma Joubert
Ek sukkel steeds om oor Mentje te praat - so diep het hierdie wonderlike historiese verhaal my geraak. Volg Mentje, alleen gelaat in die midde van die Tweede wêreld oorlog deur haar ontberinge. Wat veral opval is Mentje se besondere gees en wil vir oorlewing  ten spyte van die hartseer omstandighede wat haar omring. Die geskiedenis het my so gefasineer dat ek gaan oplees het oor dele daarvan. Die tweede in 'n trilogie (na "Immer Wes") is dit 'n sensitiewe verhaal wat boei tot die einde.

2. "Moordhuis" vanMadelein Rust
Moordhuis is 'n uiters slim , uiters spannende boek wat my vasgenael gehou het elke oomblik van die eerste tot die laaste bladsy. Ek lees baie krimies 'n jaar en as een van hulle my beste boeke lys maak moet jy weet dit is die beste van die beste.

3. "Ver in die wêreld Kittie" van Santie van der Merwe.
Dit was die eerste van Santie se boeke wat ek gelees het en tot dusver die een wat my die diepste raak. Hoe meer ek dink oor die boek , hoe meer wil ek hom weer lees. Lees my oorspronklike indrukke hier 

Young adult book of the year/ Jeugboek van die jaar.

"Vlerke vir almal" van Marion Erskine
I am going to write this in English because although this is an Afrikaans book I truly believe this book will be translated. It is an important book for any young adult and their parents to read - to realize the world of bullying - the kind we are all unfortunately used to , but also the newer form cyber bullying our kids are living in. If you are at all able to read in Afrikaans please do so. It is a wonderful sympathetic read that brings so much insight into the world of teens.

Non fiction book of the year/ nie fiksie boek van die jaar


"Elders" van Ernst Grundling
Ek het die reisverhaal en stap deur die Camino geweldig geniet miskien omdat dit vir my ook 'n bucket list item is. Dit was heerlik om saam met Ernst te reis nie net die fisiese nie maar ook geestelike moderne wêreld de -toks.

Book of the year translated from another language than English or Afrikaans:

"Fever at dawn" by Peter Gardos
The beautiful story of rebuilding your life as told through the eyes of 25 year old holocaust survivor Miklos. A love story of hope and survival it is a beautiful read that I strongly recommend.

I hope you enjoyed this - please let me know what your best reads were for 2017. May we all have a great reading year ahead.


Friday, 1 December 2017

Maybe this is a good time to get back here

Its the first of December - a time to start winding down and feel the festive end of year spirit. I am not feeling it - at all.

I am not lying when I say that this has been a year straight out of hell. It's been hard - very hard - and the end is not in sight.The much anticipated builders holiday will not happen for me and I will have to work through it - due to circumstances out of my control. At times I am angry, at times I am sad, but mostly I try very hard to be positive. I feel as if life has spun totally out of my control and none of it is my own doing. But there has been a lot of positives that carry me through. One thing I do know - I have missed blogging!

So today I want to focus on the positives for the last part this year.

It has been a fantastic academic year for all 3 kids and I am extremely proud of all 3. I really can not make an exception for one of them - they have all 3 been stars. My mommy heart is pouring with absolute joy and pride.
Student council inaguration decor.

Our Princess was chosen for the Student council - or in the old terms - to be a prefect next year. I really did not expect this as she is in one of THOSE years with extremely strong girls in the academic, sport and cultural fields. But she made it and we are so very proud of her. Of course it means hard work next year which she will embrace and do her very best to prove that she was the right choice.

The boys had a very sucesfull Judo year and C has decided that it is his sport he wants to focus on. They also both had a very fun cricket tournament to end the year off and played in teams with wonderful team and sportsman spirit .

A really did so well with her dancing and even did her first lyrical solo with a high silver medal at the SA Dance schools championship. She has also progressed so far with her ballet that she will be on pointe shoes next year! A wonderful goal every little ballerina works for.

I have reached my reading goal of 36 books in October! It is the first time since we had kids that I have reached this goal so early in the year.  In fact -most years I fall short with a book or 3. I have read so many wonderful books - expect book reviews to resume soon!

With that I hope you have a wonderful festive first weekend of December

Friday, 22 September 2017

So how are you?

Gosh I haven't been here in such a long time - neither have I read blogs. It's been hectic and busy and crazy in our lives. I have very seldom been so happy to see Friday - and it's a wonderful long weekend to boot.

We have just survived enjoyed 9 performances of our big  4yearly school concert. It was tiring but a huge amount of fun and the children really enjoyed it. It is such a spectacular show - we sat there in total amazement as every child in the school played their part and had a bit of stage light on them. C jived on "Hard knocked life" from the musical Annie , L sang and danced to "Hooray its a Holiday" and A and "Everybody was Kong Fu fighting". It was a great feast of music, lights, dancing, bright costumes and enthusiasm. But we are extremely relieved that it is all now done and dusted and that we can have a good rest over the weekend.

Work is still crazy - actually the crazy is increasing as year end approach. This too shall pass.

L played his last cricket game of the season and did so well. He is truly a cricketer by heart. C still has a game this afternoon. A's hockey season is done and dusted and she already had two galas. I was very proud of C who also participated in the school house sport gala. The first dance competition of the season rewarded A with a high silver and a good start.

I feel that I am at the moment just working and working and managing kids - and maybe reading a bit. After so many months of great reading I have slowed down a bit . I am simply so tired that I fall asleep before reading more that a few paragraphs.

My wonderful MIL has been visiting us for the concert period and I honestly am so grateful. It help so so much to have her with us. To help keep all on track while H and I fetch and deliver kids in the evenings and cooking a wonderful meal every evening. Our freezer is also already well stocked with frozen meals lovingly made by her.

I hope you have a wonderful heritage day weekend and rest up, like we fully intend on doing.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Van boeke wat jou hart raak

Kyk ons het lanklaas boeke gesels! Dis hoog tyd. So die naweek sit ons met 'n toespraak wat die meisiekind moet lewer - oor 'n resensie. Sy moet een bespreek so ons kies toe 'n oulike een van Fanie Viljoen se Nova reeks se finale boek - netjies gedoen deur Mia Oosthuizen. Net daar val dit my op dat ek selde die "regte" paadjie met resensies loop - in plaas van deur al die mooi letterkundige middels gaan praat ek maar sommer hier uit die "gut" uit soos die Engelse sê. Of dalk uit die hart uit.

Daarom wil ek graag vandag gesels oor twee boeke wat my hart diep geraak het. Albei skrywers was nuut vir my en ek gaan baie beslis meer van hulle boeke lees

Helende liefde - Anna Penzhorn

Ek het dadelik van Andrea gehou - n professionele vrou wat n skybaar ideale amper idilliese lewe lei op die platteland. Na 13 jaar ontdek sy dat haar man wat sy so gek oor is, Dewald, 'n rondloper is. Die slag is nog harder toe sy uitvind wie die verleidster is. Skielik moet Andrea nie net haar huwelik nie maar ook haarself en wat vir haar saak maak in die lewe heraanskou. Selfs haar rol as dokter is nie meer  vir haar helder nie.

Vir my was Andrea se emosionele paadjie wat sy moes loop uiters aangrypend. Noem maar -ontkenning,  woede, gedagtes van vergelding, bevraagtekening van haar eie waarde en soveel meer, wat sy deur moes werk. Bo alles natuurlik die uiterse hartseer van 'n verwerpte vrou. Die verwoesting wat egskeiding saai is groter as wat mens seker besef as jy of iemand naby aan jou nog nooit daardeur is nie.

Andrea se ontwikkeling as mens en haar aanpas by haar omstandighede is eintlik vir my waaroor die boek gaan. Die insig in haar innerlike en gevoelens is baie suksesvol en raak mens se hart. So beweeg sy ook aan deur uit te reik na ander wat minder het as sy en ontdek dat deur vir ander liefde te gee jy self kan heel word - vandaar die titel "Helende Liefde".

Ek sal die boek sterk aanbeveel - dit het my werklik meer insig gegee in wat die rondom ons soms deurgaan en hoe goed hulle daardie swaarkry wegsteek. 8/10 vir n baie goeie boek.

Heiliger - Dibi Breytenbach

My tweede keuse mag dalk vreemd lyk- n krimi en ek gesels oor emosies? Later meer daaroor maar eers die res.

Heiliger is 'n warboel van gebeure - 48 uur van hel vir Hendrik en Amalia! Vroeg oggend moet hulle letterlik die dood van 'n goeie vriendin in die oë staar en daarna hou dit net nie op nie soos die lewe hulle twee bestook met dinge - als in een dag. Dis n warboel van gebeure, emosies en als in die klein plattelandse gemeenskap van Witteberg. Selfs die droogte in die omgewing is 'n karakter in sy eie reg.

Dit is baie duidelik dat die skrywer baie goed nagevors het oor regsprosedures maar ook hoe die proses in 'n tipiese plattelandse dorp sal verloop. Die details rondom selle, polisiestasies en polisiemanne. Wat my veral getref het is hoe die verhouding en spanning binne hierdie sisteem uitgebeeld word.

Die spanninglyn is amper van bladsy een daar en verslap nie 'n oomblik tot die einde nie. Soos 'n storm die uiteindelike verligting van die droogte gee ontknoop die verhaal op dieselfde manier en tyd. Dit is werklik meesterlik gedoen.

Terug na dit wat die hart raak. Die sterkste punt van hierdie boek lê in Dibi se vermoë om simpatie met karakters te skep. Van Hendrik en Amalia wat tradisioneel jou simpatie moet trek deur elke liewe karakter - selfs die lafhartige Richter se beweegredes wek simpatie. Die uitgewekenes, die ontnugterdes en die moeg vir die lewe mense - een en almal. Natuurlik ook vir my gusteling Butomncane Buthelezi - die een man wat altyd sal staan vir rede en geregtigheid. Daardie siele moet ook daar wees om die balans en teenpool te skep vir die lafhartiges.

Heiliger is een van die beste krimis of spanningverhale wat ek in 'n lang tyd gelees het - en ek lees baie! Ek het nie een van die skrywer se vorig boeke gelees nie en alhoewel daar verwysings terug is kan mens die boek op sy eie lees.

Ek gee Heiliger 10/10 vir 'n uiters uitstekende lees. Ek kan nie wag om Saliger en Vrediger onder hande te kry nie.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Boy those speeches!

Guys it is a mad rush at the moment. It feels like survival mode all the time. Work is super hectic - I hardly have time to think. The stress is immense. Evenings are filled with school stuff, more work and at least I feel I want to read just a little bit. It's my poison of the moment - well, it's always been a saving grace but now even more. To settle my mind and relax a bit.

We are having a super hectic term - it is madness. Third term is always a busy one and this year it is even worse. It is revue year - which means each and every child is participating in a huge concert - that runs over weeks of repetitions and shows. The grade 6 kids also has the yearly adventure camp next week and as the kids are not suppose to write tests the day after a show things are condensed into weeks. This week C has so may things I can hardly keep track. A has a lot to handle too and L has a speech - which for him is possibly the most difficult of all things to handle. Thank goodness our au pair nightmare seems to be over and our new one handled most of the work for this week on Friday afternoon. But honestly I already feel I had enough. (I will tell you all about the au pair thing later)

There are test and projects oh and the very worst for me - the orals! I really do not enjoy writing them and none of my kids like doing them so it always feels like an uphill battle. I hate them! Honestly.

So now that I have that off my back, how are you all doing. And what do you hate about school work for the kids the most?

Friday, 4 August 2017

Just to breathe

We spent the last week of the school holiday in the beautiful Karoo. It was an amazing experience and I am still struggling to come to terms with the constant noise on the building site I am spending so much time on at the moment. It was quite possibly one of my favorite family holidays ever. I just loved the simple quietness, the icy cold mornings and the total change of pace.

It is incredible how fast one adapts to the cold. The first morning there was -12degrees Celcius aroun 7 in the morning. It was freezing. The day and days in general got progressively warmer but funny enough, no one complained about the cold. A made a game of seeing how cold see could see a thermometer on.

We read, ate, played and just relaxed. It was a wonderful time in the company of great friends. Life is extremely tough at the moment and I am a bit of a mess in general. I think this time of repose may have saved my sanity. The kids just slipped into farm mode and had so much fun.  The heart stone below was found by Mr L and I am keeping in on my bedside table in fond memory of a great time out for us.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

I don't quite know where to start

I know it has been such a long time since my last post. The honest truth is that it is honestly one of the toughest times in my life and that I purely and simply have not found the time or energy to post. It was already tough going at work since my business partner passed away but I was left with two critical staff members with either family or health issues and days off - the one now close to two weeks (with one here in between). He honestly was sick and I feel so sorry for him but the load has been insane. I have au pair issues to add to all this - which was truly the straw to break the camel's back. I have cried and laughed and purely just disconnected in frustration. Also when I realized that my BIL and SIL will be visiting in a critical week - and was then left without the person that could help me in the office for the week.
The family visited Freedom Park amongst other places this week

They however has been the most amazing blessing to us this week. I now know that God has provided it this way as they have honestly been life savers to us. Making sure there are meals and entertaining our kids with theirs to the T. They have honestly played at being tourists in their own city. I am so hugely grateful for this. But I think it is the small things that the kids may remember most of all. Playing Lego for hours. Sharing a bed early mornings and the girls painting nails.

In other news the kids all brought home wonderful report cards - I could not be more proud of any of them.The boys spent 4 days playing cricket to start out their Winter holiday and both took more wickets than their mom could dream of. A had Lyrical dance practice and two swimming practices - so no rest for the weary. Although of course this is rest. Every single morning when I do not hear the alarm at 5:30 I crawl in deeper and close my eyes. Every evening when chores end with cleaning after dinner and not with packing school lunches is a joy. Yeah to school holidays although I am working!

So how are your school holidays going?

Friday, 9 June 2017

Five for Friday edition 29

It's been ages since I have done a five for Friday (March in fact - gosh time has flown). But let's have a quick catch up.

1. We had bookclub on Tuesday night and heavens, did Heidi that hosted go out to the full to impress! She did a variation on a Masterchef recipe - just look at the photo! The toadstool stem is a caramle siss roll, the dom is coloured white chocolate filled with chocolate mousse and with a port jelly centre and capped with a biscuit and chocolate - all on a pistachio bed for "grass". We were all speechless and totally in awe - and i

t tasted as good as it looked!

 2. The boys' rugby team won their league and there is huge excitement about that. Mr L played the game of his life on Tuesday while C had to sit out for the last game due to a course of very necessary anti biotics. They really practiced hard and a lot. Tuesdays' game was nerve wrecking - I swear worse than Springbok rugby and they only won with 14/12.

3. We are also very proud of our A - she was selected to present the school in the Top 6 academic challenge. It is a huge confidence boost for her is a year that has been rather tough for her. Growing up and dealing with bullies and friendship is hard.

4. I have a cold - and A is also struggling. I guess it is the normal Winter bugs that are hitting us in full force. This weekend apart form learning will also have some resting.

5. Pre cooked meals (mainly done by my wonderful hubby - but some by me) is saving my sanity at the moment. It is wonderful to take out a frozen meal in the morning and know you only need to make the starch and a salad or quick veggies and have a great home cooked meal.

So, what's happening in your life? Any five for Fridays out there?

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Van genres en ander lekkertes

'n Lekker ligpunt in my lewe tans is die heerlikheid van nuwe skrywers ontdek in Afrikaans. Ek het my Afrikaanse lees baie afgeskeep deur die jare maar kyk, ek is nou besig om werk daarvan te maak. Hierdie jaar het ek meer Afrikaans as Engels gelees - seker die eerste keer in my grootmens lewe. Saam met nuwe skrywers kom ook nuwe genres en style. Vars nuwe stemme. Dit maak my altyd baie opgewonde as ek iets in Afrikaans ontdek wat 'n wêreld tendens is. Dit is nou nie dat Afrikaans nog ooit moes terugstaan nie as ons dink aan die Sestigers nie.

Ek het my grootmens lees jare begin met 'n Universiteits lys van "aanbevole boeke vir Argitektuur studente". Anders as wat jy mag dink het hierdie lys nie 'n enkele boeke wat direk slegs oor Argitektuur gegaan het bevat nie maar het  meer gegaan oor die skep van 'n goeie lees agtergrond en goeie algemene lees kennis. Op die lys was boeke soos "Animal Farm" ," Mein Kampf", "The Fountainhead", "The Unbearable lightness of being", "The Name of the Rose" en "Catch 22". Ook die klassieke werke soos "Lolita", "Where Angels fear to tread" en "Passage to India".

My grootste ontdekking was egter die werke van die Suid Amerikaanse magiese realisme skrywers soos Marquez en Allende ("One hundred years of solitude" en "The House of the Spirits") was op daardie lees lys - ai die lekkerte. 'n Hele ander wêreld het vir my oopgegaan. Daarom ook was my ontdekking van magiese realisme in Afrikaans vir my 'n hoogtepunt - "Die swye van Mario Salviatti" van Etienne van Heerden en Andre P Brink se "Sandkastele" is daarom twee van my gunsteling Afrikaanse boeke wat ek al oor en oor gelees het. Maar ek wil nie eintlik magiese realisme gesels nie - eerder boeke met 'n geskiedkundige agtergrond - soos hierdie twee ook het. Boeke met 'n geskiedkundige agtergrond is nie regtig my gewone leesstof nie maar gooi iets anders by of vertel die storie vars en nuut en ek mag dalk dit baie geniet. Ja, daar is uitsonderinge soos die poetiese skoonheid van PG du Plessies se "Fees van die ongenooides" maar ek hou van beweeg in die hede of onlangse verlede. Die toekoms is oop vir debat - ek het byvoorbeeld "Koors" baie geniet (dit was my 2016 boek van die jaar) en selfs "The Hunger Games" maar dit is nie my eerste keuse oor die algemeen nie.

In dieselfde asem hou ek van boeke wat mens uitdaag om effe anders na die wêreld te kyk - veral die mense naby jou. 'n Boek soos "Gone Girl " van Gillian Flynn en "Broken Monsters" van Lauren Beukes is miskien nie die "mooiste" boeke wat jy ooit gelees het nie" en jy mag dalk nie van 'n enkele karakter hou of aanklank by vind nie, maar jou denke word gedraai en uitgedaag.

Daarom is ek vandag baie opgewonde om oor twee nuwe Afrikaanse boeke te gesels - een in 'n relatiewe nuwe genre - Domestic Noir (dink "Gone girl" en "Girl on a train") en een waar die geskiedenis bewonderingswaardig teer hanteer word en so een van daai groot uitsonderings word in my lewe.

"Pelgrimshoop" van Ronel Nel
Dit is 1956 en Hanna haar broer Abram kom per trein aan in die denkbeeldige dorpie Pelgrimshoop. Dadelik is die leser uiters bewus van hul andersheid in die gemeenskap - hul stads maniere en klere spel dit uit. Boonop is Hanna daar om Elias Bart te onderrig en gou blyk dit dat hy ook 'n uitgewekene of eenkant persoon in die dorp is. Buiten dit is Hanna en Abram half Joods - iets wat in daardie tyd duidelik hul een kant en anders gestel het.

Alhoewel die verhaal in esensie 'n liefdesverhaal is gaan dit oor soveel meer. Die tydperk word in die mooiste details uitgelig met hoe die modes en motors gelyk het. Onder andere die verskying van Tupperware gee wonderlike kleur en detail sonder om die verhaal oor te neem. Die navorsing is duidelik deeglik gedoen en ek het selfs van die klere gaan Google en my verstom aan die kontras tussen wat Hanna en Abram sou dra en wat toe die norm op 'n klein dorp sou wees. Dit gee selfs meer insig in die andersheid wat hulle sou beleef en ervaar het.

Behalwe vir die hoof karakters is die boek gevul met pragtige vol ingekleurde karakters wat bydra tot die storie. Ek wil nie eers uitsonder nie maar die Dokter in sy wysheid en die Dominee in sy aanvanklike kortsigtigheid weerspieel elk die tipes mense wat 'n klein dorpie vandag seker steeds populeer.

In besonder het die gedeelte met die Vrouemars op 9 Augustus my geraak. Toe ek kort na die lees van die boek toevallig fotos van die geskeidkundige dag raakloop het ek myself uitgevang hoe ek na ons vier heldinne op die fotos soek. Vir my het geskiedenis tasbaar geword in 'n fiksie

Maar bo alles gaan Pelgrimshoop oor vooroordeel en aanvaarding, oor rassisme en ongeletterdheid en seksisme. Temas wat vandag steeds daar is. Die geskiedenis van die tyd word teer getoon - en daarmee bedoel ek nie goed word verskuil en weggesteek nie want die hantering van die temas is reguit maar met die nodige ontlonting wat 'n terugkyk in die geskiedenis behoort te hê.

Pelgrimshoop is nie jou tradisionele liefdesverhaal nie maar sal liefdesverhaal lesers wel tevrede stel. Alles rondom die boek is mooi en sag - en ek wil hom graag weer herlees. Dit is 'n unieke boek wat die geskiedenis laat leef en wat tot 'n baie wye leespubliek sal spreek. Ek gee die boek 'n 9/10 en beveel hom aan vir een en almal.

"Die Mense Langsaan" van Elsa Hamersma
Christine en Zebith hou saam skool met die aanvang van die boek. Albei is vasgevang in hulle eie unieke huislike situasie en steek doelbewus wat in hul lewens gebeur veilig weg van die skool en omgewing waarin hulle saam leef. Veral Christine se giftige huwelik met Frikkie het my diep geraak en verskriklik kwaad gemaak.

Hulle paaie skei as Zebith van skool verander en trek na 'n nuwe omgewing - 'n sekuristeits area waar sy gou besef dat haar bure vele geheime hou en dat die gevoel van sekuriteit bloot 'n illusie is. As dit nie was vir haar natuurlike beskerningsin as onderwyseres nie sou sy seker nooit eers betrokke wou wees nie.

Christine se lewe neem 'n groot draai na die mag in haar huweik selfs meer na Frikkie se kant toe skuif en na die nuwe bure betrokke raak in haar lewe - ten goede of ten slegte is die vraag. Die twee se lewens ontmoet weer na hulle mekaar se bure word en die aanvanklike ongemak met mekaar en die situasie is opmerklik en skep sy eie spanning in die storie.

Deur die boek is daar 'n aanvanklike amper onvoelbare spanningslyn wat opbou en opbou tot die oorkook punt. Dit word subtiel en meesterlik gedoen en ek was van die eerste sin vasgevang in die verhaal. Om die waarheid te sê ek het 'n etenstyd ontsnap by die werk om die boek klaar te lees omdat dood eenvoudig nie tot die aand kon wag om die laaste 3 hoofstukke te lees nie.

Soos met ander boeke in die genre wonder mens onbewustelik wat jou eie bure se geheime is. Wat daar agter die skanse van die tuinmuur aangaan. Ek moes diep asem haal en net eers so bietjie dink en tot verhaal kom na ek klaar was met die boek.

Die boek is in n nuwe genre en is 'n vars stem in Afrikaans. Ek het dit werklik baie geniet en meen elkeen wat van iets anders en effe uitdagends hou behoort die boek te lees. 'n 9/10 vir 'n baie genotvolle spannende lees.