Thursday, 2 October 2008

A Super duper great holiday! - part 1

And that is exactly what we had. I must admit that I really did not look forward to the drive, fearing a repeat of our nightmare drive with The Little Miss when she was just short of a year. But the kids were troopers! They did great. Just when things started to get edgy, I switched on the DVD and Baby Einstein to the rescue! Oh yes, and dad made an executive decision (as he calls it) - we turned Little Man L around to face the front - as he was puking through the night before we left it was really the only logical decision. Luckily - no puking for the rest of the holiday.

The Little Miss and Little man C had their eyes glued to the screen. And both had 3 naps during the drive.

Little man L had one nap and for the rest he could not stop laughing and chatting to us in the front - a whole new world opened up to him!

So this is where we were - at San Lameer.

It is a security golf and wildlife estate on the beach in a subtropical area. It is the perfect environment to take kids to for a holiday and we walked to the beach every time - pushing the pram and The Little Miss on her tricycle. The gardens are an absolute pleasure and kept perfect with a river, streams and a dams every where. What is great is that all the patios are safely fenced off so that kids can be kept in that area.

We saw 3 types of antelope (the blue duiker - an endangered tiny antelope being one), monkeys and lots of birds during our stay. It is extremely safe ( a great bonus here in SA) with a guard at the beach to watch over your shoes, cycles and prams.

The beach is a Blue flag beach and has life savers, a tidal pool and shark nets. Our weather was ok - windy but sunny, turning cloudy towards the end of the week with rain on our last day. But we just really loved the peace and quiet and spending time together. We sat chatting for long hours after the kids went to bed every evening and just had the time to really re-connect again.

We usually went to the beach early in the mornings and were back at our cottage for The Boys' 11 o'clock bottle and nap. We then made brunch for us three and usually had a drive to one of the very nice attractions or villages in the area in the afternoon. If we got lucky we all had a nap after The Boys' 3 o'clock bottle. I was also treated to an afternoon on my own when H took the kids on a drive and shopping - I slept for 3 solid hours, took a nice walk and watched some Oprah. Bliss, I tell you.

I leave you today with pictures of our first day on the beach - more to follow in part 2.

Little man C loved the sand but just hates a hat!

Little man L had the time of his life - he really enjoyed it.

Our little mermaid in her Ariel sunsuit in the tidal pool.


  1. Ok, those photos from being in the car are just too funny... expressions say it all!!

  2. I so wish I could have come along. It sounds like heaven! All of it. Well not the puking part but the rest sounded awesome. Glad baby felt better quick!

  3. That looks like a great place. I love all the pictures in the car. They are just so cute.

  4. ...and super dooper pictures to go with it!! All of the pics are fabulous!!


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