Monday, 1 December 2008

It's International Aids day.

As you no doubt know, today is International HIV/Aids day. Please spare a thought and keep South Africa in your prayers today. HIV/Aids has reached pandemic proportions in our country. We have come far in terms of education by government and big companies, but we have millions of people affected by the disease. I am most touched by families where the parents have both died and that are now headed by older siblings having to grow up and literally bring up the younger kids or by grannies who should be enjoying their old age. Off course the little babies still being born with the disease is tragic - we have come far with anti-retro virals, but in the rural areas some moms still go undiagnosed. If you would like to support a worthy cause please look at the website of Heartbeat who support such households. Remember that due to the exchange rate, your money is worth ten times here (if you donate in US dollars) than in the US and almost as much elsewhere. Even 10 dollars can make a difference.
Today I am thankful that God has thus far kept our direct family and friends free from this horrible disease.


  1. Cat, I first want to tell you how much I appreciate your sweet comments on my blog. Thank you! Second, I am glad you have written about such an important topic. So many people want to sweep such horrible things under the carpet so to speak. I pray this year a cure and much healing will be found for AIDS. Thank you also for the link. You are the second blog I've read today discussing AIDS Awareness.

  2. Oh wow! I didn't realize it was such a huge problem there still. So very sad, esp for the children:(


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