Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Oh I was such a bad blogger yesterday - but the day was very very hectic. No post, no commenting. Bad bad girl! Started writing this post yesterday and only finished today!

On Saturday the kids were invited to the birthday party of one of The Little Miss' school friends. Off course, at this stage of their lives a party is the highlight of their social calender.

I just had to take a picture of the cake - her aunt is a wedding cake decorator and Lady and the Tramp in icing sugar was just beautiful. Tasted great too.

For the girls the highlight was playing in the birthday girl's doll's house her dad built outside in the garden - with real bricks etc. Never seen anything like this before! A very real little house.
The Little Miss and the birthday girl Jamie-Leigh. They differ only 5 and a half months in age. My girl is just so tall.

The Little Miss and friend Sisitha who is wearing a South African national soccer team jersey - the Bafanna Bafannna (The Boys, the boys translated).

It was the very first time she saw a clown - and this clown was great entertainment. ( We do not go to the circus - we object to wild animals trained as such) Not a single kid was scared and they all enjoyed it so much. Ruffles the clown:

Just look at the wonder on her face - here she was helping Ruffles to throw pixie dust.
And yes, we will be planning ahead to buy a trampoline for the kids - they all had so much fun. The Boys can not stand yet, although they are trying. Jumping so high:
Getting on themselves.

Playing with their sis.


  1. I love that cake! And that little house!

    I have been a very bad blogger lately, life is so busy and computer time so rare (I'm not a good sharer). Hopefully it is soon to be remedied... we went computer shopping today!

  2. Cute photos! And I LOVE that cake!!!

  3. What an incredible fete! That Lady and the Tramp cake was AMAZING...and the doll's house? I dare not show my two!

    Your Little Miss just always cheers me so...just know she and Sarah would get along so famously.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Cat!


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