Friday, 16 October 2009

Friday Fragments - 16 October

I am just loving Friday fragments- so tempting to be able to just wrap up the week in little tidbits. So here goes:

I am really really bad at recognising awards - I always promise I will in future. A while ago I received The Splash award form Candice - she is an American girl who is in South Africa while her hubby is here on a work contact. Thanks girl! I always like to read how you see my country through your eyes.

The Splash Award is given to alluring, amusing, bewitching, impressive, and inspiring blogs.

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So, I'd like to hand this award to anybody that is a follower and reading here. You girls rock!

I am tidying my office today. It is long overdue - I just found a single Ferrero Rocher below one of the tables. That is SO wrong!

Little Man L cut his second bottom back molar. Yeah ! Only 4 teeth to go between the two of them. I am so going to have a little party when this teething thing is all over and done with.

We had a casualty at home yesterday - a silkworm died. Luck was with me - I could hide it before the little farmer found out. She would have been so sad.

We also have our first cocoon spinner. I put it on a cardboard heart and let it spin through the night and this morning into a separate box to do his cocoon. Let's get a head start on the silk article for the school project.

We now have a climber - ok again, but now the other brother. Little man C now wakes us up each morning by climbing into our bed - sometimes as early as 5 am (this morning). I guess we will have to do the toddler bed conversions this weekend.

We also had the return of the poop monster this morning aka Little Man L removing his pants and diaper with a poop in. He was happily doing some finger "painting " when I found him this morning. Back to duct taping those nappies!

We are planning a little day trip for Sunday - yippeee! Still not sure whereto, but I am sure Hunter will come up with an idea.

Did you know we do not celebrate "Halloween" here - and of course not Thanksgiving as well, so guess what some stores have displayed on their shelves this week? Christmas decorations!

Tomorrow is big rugby in South Africa - with the semi-finals for our big domestic tournament. My team, the Blue Bulls will take on Hunter's team, The Western Province. This off course will be followed by a braai.

Our staff giving us a lunchtime Boss' day braai (today is Boss' day here) On the invite they have the definition for a braai from Wikipedia - I thought it was hilarious and since everybody always asks what a braai is, I am leaving you with this: (extracts edited by me)

The word braai (plural braais) is Afrikaans for "barbecue" or "roast" and is a social custom in Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Zimbabwe and Zambia. It originated with the Afrikaner people,[1] but has since been adopted by South Africans of many ethnic backgrounds. The traditions around a braai can be considerably different from a barbecue, however, even if the method of food preparation is very similar.
Meats are the star of the South African braai. They typically include boerewors, sosaties, kebabs, marinated chicken, pork and lamb chops, steaks, sausages of different flavors and thickness, and possibly even a rack or two of spareribs. Fish and Rock Lobster commonly called "crayfish" or kreef in Afrikaans, are also popular in coastal areas.The other main part of the meal is pap (pronounced /pɑːp/, meaning porridge), actually a thickened porridge, or the krummelpap ("crumb porridge"), traditionally eaten with the meat. Made from finely ground corn/maize (similar to polenta), it is a staple of local African communities and may be eaten with a tomato and onion sauce,monkeygland sauce or the more spicy chakalaka at a braai. Alternatively Braaibrood is made.
A braai is a social occasion that has specific traditions and social norms. In black and white South African culture, women rarely braai (cook) meat at a social gathering, as this is normally the preserve of men. The men gather round the braai or braaistand (the fire or grill) outdoors and cook the food, while women prepare the pap, salads, desserts, and vegetables for the meal in the kitchen. The meal is subsequently eaten outside by the fire/braai, since the activity is normally engaged in during the long summer months. The braaing (cooking) of the meat is not the prerogative of all the men attending, as one person would normally be in charge. He will attend to the fire, check that the coals are ready, and braai (cook) the meat. Other men may assist but generally only partake in fireside conversation. This is very similar to how Australian backyard barbecues run. In South Africa, the person in charge is known as the braaier or tong-master (chef), and if his skills are recognised, could be called upon to attend to the braai at other occasions as well.
So there you have it guys - that's a braai - we will have one on Saturday night (as per usual) and yes, Hunter is a "Braai meester" and is called upon to do the honor on many occasions.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow! I had no idea you guys did not celebrate Halloween or Thanksgiving. I love learning something new!
    And "fingerpainting" gave me a good laugh this morning!

    Cat, I would love to send you some Starbucks coffee. Do you have a favorite? Just let me know! It is the best!!!!

  2. Actually the teenagers enjoy the idea of celebrating haloween and a lot of clubs have celebrations and dress-up themes. It is a fairly new thing in SA though. And that Wikipedia explanation of a braai sounds positively medieval. I dont think the actual event is as formal as Wiki makes it sound. We just nominate the best cook to braai (the one who doesn't burn the meat). I think the guys should learn to make the salads too and let the ladies sit around having drinkies!

  3. Momcat, that is exactly why I found the definition so funny. Most of my readers have small children and do the trick or treat thing - in that sense, we do not have Haloween. In our home, we all gather around the fire but this men's gathering thing surely reminds me of some of the braais I have experienced elsewhere.

  4. Fingerpainting with poop?? I think I need to go lie down...


  5. learn something new everyday:-)

  6. You lost me at "monkeygland sauce." Ewww.

    Have a great weekend!!

  7. Those teething days are behind us, and that's a good thing. All the teeth in will deserve a party!

  8. I need to get my eyes checked.... I thought it said Blue Balls not Blue Bulls... and I laughed soooo very hard, my side hurts!

    No Halloween (lots of yummy candy) or Thanksgiving (just lots of yummy food), huh? I really hate to hear that!

  9. I "finger painted" once when I was little in my play pen. Dad got the honor of cleaning me up and he chose to lay out lots of newspapers and tackle the job. My mom has pictures and it's pretty funny.

  10. Your kids are absolutely darling! Congrats on the new tooth!! :o)

  11. We had to duct tape the girl's diaper that I nanny for too! Hahahaha! We called it her "Dupey Belt"!

  12. The poop monster sounds terrifying.

  13. I didn't know that about Halloween - that would bum me out! I LOVE Halloween.

  14. I thought our fingerpainting was messy. LOL

    Nice to see you blogging the award forward. :)

  15. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Baby Grand and his unbridled joy! He was sitting on a footstool and peeping through the blinds. They made a noise as they dropped back in place when he withdrew his fingers and it seemed to tickle him so! That is when I caught that picture!

    Oh, the joy!

    What a delight to hear from someone on the other side of the world. My husband and I have made 3 trips over your way to teach pastors about church plantings in Nigeria, Tanzania, and Nepal. Not really in your "neighborhood" but at least on the same continent. Each trip held its own unique blessings and beauty. Thanks for stopping by. Please come again to the blog. Blessings.

  16. OH no! We have the poop incidents here too!(you have my sympathy!) UGH!

    Very interesting about the Boss Day. Hope you enjoyed it :)

  17. I am sorry to stop by so late. I am catching up on FF post today. Busy week and my birthday kept me a little busy. :(

    Your team name is the Blue Balls!? lol


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