Monday, 2 November 2009

Makes my Monday - Great expectations!

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No, not the book, just what lies ahead for the rest of the year. My regular readers will know that even more so than in other places around the world, silly season officially arrives this time of the year. As well as the end of the calender year with all the associated functions, December is also the end of our school year and our long summer holiday. Imagine if we had Thanksgiving and Halloween to add to the madness? So, with a shock I realized that today, in 7 weeks time we will be on our long summer holiday, which also translates into an annual forced 3 week building industry closure - therefore total holiday! No office to call you! Yeah!

But in the next 7 weeks, total madness will descend on us - amongst other things:
Some night this week: Shopping at the Unica Christmas market - huge and for Autism so a great cause.
Friday night: will feature The Lil' Miss' annual school concert - she is a seashell.
Saturday: My mom has (I hope) her last eye operation.
Sunday: Our annual family photos with a great talented local photographer and blogger. I am so excited to meet her and see our pictures - and I will reveal on Monday who she is. Then have to get going on my annual photo Christmas gifts for the grandparents.
18 November: The Lil Miss and I are flying to CAPE TOWN for 4 days! Yes, I am shouting! I loooove Cape Town and have not been there in ages. I am also looking forward to spend a lot of time with her, my SIL and little Madelein. I am really tired and deserve this break. Hunter is one brave dad alone with the Boys.
4th December: My birthday and our office Christmas function.
12th December: Leaving for a blissful 8 days camping at the seaside.
25Th December: Christmas and the In-laws coming for a visit.
In between we need to get a family Christmas tree evening planned. And I need to do Christmas shopping - some between now and the 18th!

So why am I so overly excited that my whole spirit is so positive? Well, we were not going to go on a December holiday - Hunter could not get leave and has to be available on Christmas. I was dreading having to spend 3 weeks on my own with the 3 kids at home (yeah I know - I am so not a SAHM and such a wuss). Our nanny and the ironing and washing lady are both going home for that period so I was in such a drab mood about it. Unexpectedly Hunter got granted leave for the week of 14 to 18 December, only problem being, we only close office on the 15th. But with a bit of persuasion, I got my partner to agree that I go earlier. Then I had to find a holiday spot. Not easy to get a cottage or such this late so we settled on camping. We used to do it a lot before the Boys came along and have most of the gear - we need to get The Lil Miss a bed and a few other items, but for the most we are sorted. So we are giving it a shot. We are so looking forward to visiting the sub-tropical coast of North Natal. I am so going to make some of you all jealous with great summer vacation pictures while you are freezing.

And I have to add - The Blue Bulls won! Go Bulls!


  1. I love Cape Town! That was the first city in SA i ever visited and it didn't take long for me to fall in love.

  2. Looks like you have a GREAT holiday season coming up!!

  3. have some fun and awesome things going on. Camping in December..I'm envious.

  4. Your holiday season sounds fantastic!

  5. Sounds like you are going to be busy but, I love your attitude:-)

  6. Wow what a busy schedule you will have in the next couple of months! Your holiday season sounds fun!

  7. Sounds like you're in for a hectic few weeks!

  8. OMGOSH! It sounds like you have a lovely and jam-packed holiday in the works! It just sounds so perfect and so full of family fun! :)

    Can't wait to hear 9and see) all about it!

  9. wow! that sounds great! So glad it worked out for deserve a break!!! Good luck with all the plans and busy season ahead of you - and have fun counting down to your vacation!

  10. Oh your happiness and anticipation leaps off the screen, Cat! So excited for all the fun that lies ahead for you and your family...and that little seashell!

    Thanks so much for playing along with Makes My Monday!

  11. When you spell it out with dates, Christmas isn't far away! I hope you have a great holiday. I've so enjoyed reading your blog this year and getting to know you and your family better!


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