Monday, 11 January 2010

Makes my Monday - my 5 year old Princess.

Playing along with Cheryl.

5 Years ago I held this little princess in my arms for the very first time. (you can read her birth story here). I was overwhelmed with the love I felt for this tiny little screaming person.

This morning I am in awe of the beautiful little girl she has become.

(Also 11/365)

Her sympathy for others warms my heart, her willingness to help thrills me and her creative imagination leaves me breathless. Her love for Jesus speaks to my soul and her sparkling personality makes me proud to be her mom.

She has developed so much this year and in just the last month three important milestones have been reached - she is now confident in water and jumping in at any chance - time to resume those swimming lessons. Her drawing work has also developed dramatically and she has now moved on from people to bugs, animals, etc. She is also now willingly praying to Jesus, not only the standard mealtime prayer, but also a bedtime one which she changes from day to day.

My sweet girl, mommy loves you to now end. You are truly my princess.
In news from the weekend, I had a huge fall from Shakala on Saturday - I am stiff and sore and on muscle relaxants, but I am fine - nothing broken. I was so very lucky (plus I know how to fall). It has been 8 years since my last fall so I guess I had it coming.

If you are here for the no-sew tutu post, I am sorry, I will have to do it later this week. The Lil Miss got an evening dress for my SIL and BIL for her birthday and therefore my model was unavailable for modelling the end result this morning - maybe later today. (See dress above)

And 10/365:

The fruit sauce Hunter made for yesterday afternoon's pork roast. It was delicious beyond words.


  1. Happy Birthday to A! She's one very beautiful child!

  2. Mothers love is such an amazing thing...happy birthday to your beautiful princess.
    Hang on to this time as mine were 5 yesterday and today adults.

  3. She is just gorgeous!! I hope she had a GREAT birthday:-)

  4. Happy Birthday to your princess...
    and Many, Many more...
    It is priceless and such a gift from GOD to see them mature and grow into such wonderful human beings..
    Since I have 5 from 15 down to 1..
    I have them in all stages of life..and being a witness to truly a gift from God.
    ENJOY your gifts:)

  5. Happy Birthday to her. She is a beauiful girl! Hoping for a quick recovery from your fall.

  6. She's gorgeous - happy birthday to your little miss!

  7. She is beautiful, congratulations.

  8. The fruit sauce looks divine! Happy Birthday to your lovely 5 year old princess!

  9. she is a beautiful girl Cat! I love the dress she is wearing!

    Renee ;)

  10. She is so beautiful. I can see why you are so proud of her.

  11. Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl!! What a gorgeous dress she has on!

    Glad you are mostly ok after you fall...although I can only imagine how sore! Take care of yourself!

  12. Oh Cat, she is so beautiful---inside and out! Your lovely words to her on the occasion of her 5th (I know, where DOES the time go?) birthday truly make me misty.

    Wishing her a continuing growth in faith and love...and you some healing, Sweet Sister!

    Thank you so much for playing along with Makes My Monday on such a momentous day. :)

  13. Gorgeous, gorgeous A. Happy birthday!!


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