Tuesday, 16 February 2010

February 2010: Book no 3

Book no 3: Vinegar Hill by Manette Ansay
Imagine the bottom falling out of your world - loosing your beloved home and being forced to live with the most unpleasant people you can imagine - your in-laws, in a house filled with old dark secrets that shaped the ones living in it. This is what happens to Ellen when her husband looses his job and she becomes the carer not only of her family but her sour in -laws.

Even Ellen's husband changes accordingly, as if the environment shapes him into a vinegar sodden creature. I will never forget the line when he tells his children that it is hell having kids. Ellen needs to escape, and further than just her regular nighttime walk, dreaded by all but her.

The title functions on so many levels and truly reflects the mood of the place that it names. Well written and captivating this is a great read I can recommend to all.

Cat's rating; A well deserved 8/10.

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