Friday, 9 July 2010

Firday 9 July 2010

PhotoStory Friday
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Hosted by Chris

  3 July 2010:

Look mommy, I caught some faeries.

  6 July 2010:

Skapie - mê (Little sheep me) came to work with granny today after her mommy was dropped of at school. She had a great time staring at the birds in the office garden. 

  7 July 2010:

 I packed - it was dark, I remembered about my picture for the day. Thus, I give you my favorite subject (apart from the kids) with flash added.

  8 July 2010:

 Anticipation - waiting for mommy to complete the packing to go to Cape Town.

And just look at what she made at school on Wednesday:


  1. Great photo's seeing this now especially as I am also doing me ideas!
    I will be doing mine loving finding different things to shoot each day..,

  2. Your photography is awesome!! I'm following you now.

  3. I must have stayed 5 at heart, I still like to eat out the dough bowl :P

    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Again: very beautiful, Cat! Your children are precious...

  5. Eating out the dough bowl was one of my favorite things ever when my mom baked and boy o boy, did she bake. She baked every 3rd day and me and sister was always struggling to share the dough bowl. Fond memories :)

  6. Gorgeous pics, especially the one of Little Miss staring out of the window. And just so you know, I never grew out of the "loving licking the bowl after baking" thing... :)

  7. I always love your photo posts! Great one of the boys and their sneakers! I thought the little sheep looking out the window was adorable, too!
    And what beautiful Art Lil Miss made!

    Enjoy Cape Town! I always love seeing your pics when you go there - it looks so beautiful!

  8. When are you going to do a book?

  9. Your pictures are just so gorgeous. I could look at them all day. :)

    And that is some awesome art.

  10. What a beautiful craft A made for you!

  11. One day when I am big, I want to be able to take photos just like you!


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