Monday, 29 August 2011

Easy and quick cards

On Thursday evening I decided to join the 123 Blog virtual craft night - I just really did not get the chance to post it untill today but I think it is a brilliant idea to get yourself to do some crafting at least once a week.

I always have little card that I use on gifts or just for a note. I refuse to buy cards as I simply think they are ridiculously priced! So I make a few of these at a time and keep in a place at home close to ribbons, tape etc for when I wrap gifts.

 Sometimes I use handmade paper with textured paper parts, or for this batch I used two little square books with scrapbook type paper I once bought. I love them as the colours per pack seem to go together. I do not over embellish etc them as the paper speaks for itself and I make a variety of sizes based on half and quarter of the paper size.

You need:
Paper glue
Pretty paper that co-ordinates.
Some ribbon
Foam shapes 
Then you just fold one piece - use as is or cut in half, add some details and there you go!
Took me about half an hour to 45 minutes to make this batch of 10.
 So how about joining us this week? And what do you do for a quick and easy craft?


  1. LOVE your cards - really I do. I will buy proper birthday cards but not little ones to stick on gifts.

    Also, I like to write my own long message so I either buy cards that are blank - my personal preference - or otherwise just a "thank you" or one line of text.

    Next month I'm going to make cards - tons of them - I have plans .... need to get some buttons though!

    And your paper pack on the right? I have exactly the same one but haven't figured out yet what to do with it :) You could also make a mini book for A :) Look at this - isn't it cute?

    I want to do one for each of the kids like that :)

    Thank you for playing along - and I think your kids' moms' night out is a FABULOUS idea! Maybe I should get my friend with the twins to come over once a month - she does jewellery and I can make cards :)

  2. @e0e489fc4ec6017f073ed0a9e8f2241a:disqus I love that mini-book! Great great idea!

  3. Those are gorgeous, Cat!  I make a lot of cards, too...but I usually buy blank white cardstock cards and embellish them from there.  I need to try your method...those are really beautiful!

    (And I'm waaay late in saying this, but I loved the post you wrote about you and Marcia meeting up...I'm so glad you were able to coordinate it.  It sounds like you all had such a great time.  :)  )

  4. I make my own cards from my photography.  I also make photo albums for gifts for friends and family with the pictures I've taken during the year.

  5. Such a cool idea. I actually don't buy cards anymore because I find them to be ridiculously expensive. I do like the idea of something handwritten though so will definitely give these a bash. Awesome.

  6. Those are beautiful!  I love crafts.  I about ready to start making the little boxes for my kids' advent calendar this year.  Last year's boxes didn't all stay nice enough to use again.

  7. Lovely that you are so creative....I'm plain lazy to be honest!!!

  8. I also try to make my own cards, but you have given me new creative ideas!
    Thanks for sharing! Watch my space ;-)


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