Monday, 1 August 2011

So another weekend is done and dusted...

and we had plenty to do, but it ended up being a great one. Amongst enjoying ourselves we cooked 10 meals (well mostly Hunter) for the freezer and I did a bit of decluttering. There were also some napping involved.

On Saturday the Princess had a playdate at a friend and I took the boys to a party of one of their classmates at the Spur. My, did they have fun with their school buddies.

Due to his sensory issues Little man L does not like face painting, but on Saturday he went on his own, sat and waited in line and asked to be Spiderman.I was rather pleased. And he sat at the table and ate his lunch like the rest. Soething to be said for group dynamics.

On Sunday after a bumper night's sleep, the Princess at last got her much desired ear piercings. Those pretty new ears needed a bit of bling.

Seeing her this happy makes my Monday, plus a great weekend too. So what was your weekend like?
Playing along with Cheryl.


  1. Love those little painted faces...
    The cake is the new look children birthday cakes.
    Princess looks beautiful as always and now with little earrings...

  2. Sounds like you had a good weekend and that sleep make it's presence known!

    Love the Princess' earring - she looks gorgeous.

    We had a hectic, but good weekend. xx

  3. Wow 10 meals, you go girl!!!

    Your little girl looks lovely with pierced ears.  I can't wait until Zoe's old enough and I can take her :)

  4. The earrings are adorable.

  5. The ears look great! Look at the smile!

  6. Looks like great fun!  And the ears are looking good! :-).  We're actually going to start finding out about getting my youngest's ears also done.  Her ears were so bad at birth we had to use soft wire to reshape it and tape it down.  She's still a bit young for the procedure but we'll probably also have to look at getting it done.

  7. How awesome about L's facepainting!! That's big!! 

  8. @2310b73e207969ef4b48b29ddd6ad027 Here they say the optimum age is above 5 but before 7. That should give you an idea.

  9. Your daughter is beautiful. I love her eyes. She does look very chuffed with her bling. :)

  10. Your Princess looks just beautiful with her new bling. Really cool about L wanting have his face painted too :)

  11. What a nice weekend!
    I love face painting on children. They always look so adorable :)


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