Monday, 4 February 2013

It's been a busy, but good weekend.

I am still recovering from a cold, but Hunter mooved the earth in our garden on Saturday. The Princess and I did all the party preperations and she loved being part of every little bit and doing so much herself. On Sunday was the party of course, but more about that later. Let me give you a peek into the daily happenings with my project 365:

Day 28/365 28 January Self portrait by the Princess in her class - I was reading mom the afternoon
Day 30/365 30 January Cuties for my cuties - stumbled upon these at a  craft shop for R13 each. The kids love them - any guesses to whom which one belongs?
Day 31/365 31 January At last completed my doodle for my word of the year..

Day 33/365 2 February Party preparations day - funfetti cupcakes baked, party packs and party favor bags packed and bunting made.
 So here's wishing you a great week ahead!


  1. Cat I absolutely love looking at your Doodles. Please don't stop sharing :) They are SO cool!

  2. Love your movie star hair and the last one is so fun.

  3. Love your doodle, love your hair.. I bet you feel quite glam! Such a fun post with all of the lovely pictures. Glad to hear that you are feeling better.

  4. I love your doodle. You should scan it and use it as a header. Its awesome. I hope 2013 is good for you.

  5. LOvely weekend! Love the photos!
    Great hair!

  6. I love the last photo! even though I only know you through the computer, somehow that pic makes me think that it encapsulates you:-) does sound a bit odd??

  7. I love the last photo. You definitely see the world different.
    Your hair looks gorgeous.

  8. Do you want to do Jake's party for me this year??? Oh and can you please do me a doodle?? I want one!!

    Sue X


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