Friday, 1 August 2008

10 Months old and Lalapanzi visit.

Well, I better write about last weekend before we have the next!

My mom had her third surgery in 1 and a half months to try to re-attach her retina on Saturday, so I spent the day with her at the hospital while H watched the kids. Stunning hubby!

On Sunday morning A and I collected gran at the hospital. H chose her clothes and dressed her while I independently dressed The Boys - and what! All in camo! That was so cute.

We also had the resident cow entertaining The Boys with Moos and headbutting.

After dropping off gran at her friends house, we picked up dad and The Boys and headed to Lalapanzi - a local tea garden catering for children - for lunch. I had a delicious chicken wrap and H enjoyed the Portuguese chicken livers. The little Miss wanted nothing more than french fries. and a strawberry milkshake. And her favourite thing of the moment - having two straws in the milkshake so that daddy can share.

Then we saw a bunny sleeping next to the pathway. H told her to walk very quietly up to the bunny and to see if she can pat it. She really did well and at the very last minute the poor bunny got a fright and ran away.

She had so much fun on all the playground equipment. The tractor was the favourite of the day though.

The Boys also had fun looking at all the kids playing and no doubt thinking: "Just wait, one of these days we will join in the fun"

Off course the customary Monthday cake was enjoyed on Sunday night - with 10 candles to blow out for The Little Miss. This was 2 days after their official Monthday, but the first chance we had.


  1. Oh that pic sharing a strawberry milkshake with daddy is precious! Look at her sweet expression of admiration!

  2. Great pics! Looks like you had fun!

  3. I just can't get enough of your photos. The kids all in camo -- that was the best!

    And would you believe our wedding cake was carrot too?

  4. GREAT the one of the boys in their stroller, they have precious smiles :)


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