Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Way back WHEN sday

Yesterday a year ago we had The Boys' Christening. For us it is a huge occasion and we commemorate it every year by lighting a special candle which they receive in church the day of their christening and as soon as they are old enough to understand we use the day to explain to them about the promise we made to bring them up in the love of Christ's church.

Pop over to Cheryl's to see who else is playing along.


  1. what a great photo of you and your family! What a beautiful family!! :-)

  2. What a great picture! All these family pictures you have make me want to take more family portraits of my own. :)

    And what a neat tradition!

  3. Your family is simply gorgeous...each and every one of you!

    And that landscape in the background is so appropriate for the day...aren't those days of dedication so poignant?

    thank you so much for playing along with the first Way Back When-esday of 2009!

    Happy New Year, Cat!

  4. What a gorgeous family photo!
    Love that you light the candles. We do too :)

  5. I discovered my baptismal candle in a cupboard when I was a teen; clearly my parents weren't as keen on keeping the tradition.

    You must have reams and reams of wonderful family pics. I tend to be on the back end of the camera, so there are a lot of shots of the kids with a few of my husband, but I rarely feature anymore -- rather sad.

  6. Love that picture and this way of honoring such a beautiful day in your children's lives. I hope you don't mind but I think I'm going to do that from now on too. I'm a copy cat that way.

  7. Cat....this is such a sweet photo!!

    I love how the lil miss is looking straight ahead.....All of you look great!!!

    Hope you are getting lots done!


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