Thursday, 15 April 2010

Jet setters.

You might be excused to think we are jet setters of note, because frankly, it sounds like it. We have just returned on Sunday from a glorious holiday on the Natal South Coast and tomorrow afternoon we are zipping away by plane to Port Elizabeth for a weekend. For this, I am really putting my big girl panties on - and Hunter his big boy ones, I guess.

Gasp! We are leaving our kids for the very first time in someone else's care to go away for a weekend.I know, I know, most people do this regularly and sooner, but we really lack a proper support system to do this often and frankly, we like being with our kids, even if I sometimes get a bit edgy. And maybe we are both control freaks - ok, I admit it, I certainly am and Hunter is maybe borderline. When the Lill Miss was 10 months old we left her with my mom and Lucy for a weekend - I won a 5 star game lodge weekend on the web and it sort of nudged us in the direction to do it. It was great - did wonders for us. After that, not once. Never. Maybe because 3 kids are more difficult to handle than 1, maybe because The Boys were sick so often, or just maybe because we were not ready yet.

I have a suspicion that if the situation did not get somewhat forced on us, we would not have done this. But with ticket prices skyrocketing this year, it is simply not possible to fly the whole family out. Driving down with 3 kids for 11hours for a wedding that they will not even attend - and then we have to find a babysitter there as my In laws are also going to the wedding - not an option. Not attending is not an option for Hunter - it's his best bud from 4 years old.

So we are doing it - I was so brave when I booked the tickets, and now, although I am looking forward to it, I find myself at the same time excited, but also a bit sad. I will miss those 3 little bodies for the two days we are gone. But I am looking forward to time alone with my hubby and some time with the in-laws. We also have not been in PE for more than a year so I am looking forward at dipping my toes in the water at Saardinia bay on Saturday. I am also looking forward to meeting someone special there - it's a secret! I'll tell you on Monday if it all panned out.

And good luck to my mom and cousins Ananda and Karla who no doubt, will have their work cut out for them. The Lil Miss, thank goodness, is seeing this as one big adventure. The Boys, hard to tell if they understand what I am telling them, but at least their beloved Oumie will be with them.

Wish us all luck!


  1. I think you guys will have a wonderful weekend away. Time without the kids will do you both the world of good, and you know what - they will be fine!

    And i think *maybe* i know who you're going to meet - if it is who i think it is you will lov eher to bits!

    Have a divine time away xxx

  2. I am sure your kiddies will be fine. It is always more difficult for the parents. I hope you and your hubby have an awesome, awesome time together. Enjoy:)

  3. I hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful time!

  4. Good luck! Sounds like a much needed break. You will be amazed when you get back. My husband and I went on our first trip sans kids since our honeymoon. Upon our return, our marriage was re-energized and so was our parenting. Our daughter even looked older and we were only gone a couple days:-)

  5. The only times we've left the kids for a whole weekend have been to go to weddings too. There's been the occasional overnight stay with my mum too but never us going away for a holiday by ourselves just because we want to. Mostly because I don't really want to holiday without the kids and also because I don't feel right asking anyone else to have them for too long. Those wedding weekends have been rather nice though :-)

    Enjoy the break!

  6. Kids will be fine. :)

    Being a divorced mom you learn that seperation thing but it never feels better to be honest.

  7. I recall the worries I had last spring as we prepared for our anniversary cruise w/o Yaya. Trust me, you all will miss them but you will come home refreshed and feeling like you can take the world by storm. You both deserve this time together as a couple and your children will love that their mommy and daddy took the time to rekindle their love.

  8. Enjoy the trip!! I'm sure they'll be fine

  9. I remember how pretty PE was when you visited last time - I hope you have a fabulous time and enjoy the wedding and your weekend alone!

    Ironically, we are going away for a night in a few weeks, too! (also for a wedding). It'll be only our 2nd time leaving the twins overnight and our first for Adam. My BFF and her husband are watching them for us so I know they'll be in good hands but I'm still a bit nervous...

    Enjoy! have fun!

  10. Have fun! I'm thinking we will probably never be able to get away by ourselves. Maybe when we go visit Ouma and Oupa in South Africa.

  11. I hope you have a fun time!!!


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