Sunday, 1 February 2009

The big 4th birthday - part 2

So this morning I have 3 kids with a cold. And Little man L actually seems the least affected. Little man C had a terribe cough last night.

So, lets continue to catch up What you say, only part 2 now of the birthday post! Well she had a little celebration at school. This year, we have been asked to provide undecorated cupcakes with some icing already prepared and decorations like sprinkles or sweets. We can also take some party packs with sweets. The Little Miss' was the first birthday at the school for the year so everybody was totally taken with the cupcakes and decorating their own.

Waiting to sing "Happy Birthday" in order to start decorating and eating.

Just blown out her candles - all 4 at once!

With teacher Kirsty, her teacher for the year.

The real fun part - every cupcake looked different.

Enjoying her party pack with best friend at school, Alexa.
The final part, her actual party to follow soon.


  1. Yeah!!! The party at school is always so fun for the kids, they get to be the "star" for the day!!! I wish our preschool would let them do a "cupcake" thing like you guys were able to do. They have out-lawed all treats (anything edible) so all you can give the kids are pencils, erasers, etc. A cupcake would be so much more fun!!! Can't wait to see part 3!!!!

  2. Looks yummy and they look anxious to start decorating! Fun!


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