Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Easter in South Africa

Today is the first of April, always a reminder that Easter is here. So I thought I'll tell you a little bit about Easter here. Off course, Easter always rings in Autumn for me - although Autumn in our part of the world is a very fleeting idea - we do not really have it around here. Yes, we have the nice leaves, we also have Cosmos flowers growing everywhere - I promise some of my own photos of that next week, and the kids have a short holiday (called Easter holidays - not Spring brake off course ;)). But Autumn really typically has the feeling of Summer - our temperatures are still in the high 20's (Celsius) late 70's to early 80's in Fahrenheit. The late evenings and early mornings are just a bit cooler.

Typically South Africans take a break or a little holiday around this time - the school holidays are about 2 weeks and we have heaps of public holidays - Easter weekend off course (Friday and Monday), then also election day (the 22nd), Freedom day( the 27th) and off course labour day (May 1st) - so al lot of opportunities to take a few days leave and have a longer holiday. Most people visit the seaside, the mountains or the game reserves as the climate is in general very pleasant all round. Due to Hunter's studies and generally not too healthy kids we will be staying at home, but I have put in leave for the 3 days between the 27t and the 1st - giving me a nice 9 days at home!

Off course the shops are lock stock and barrel filled with Easter eggs. Some of our favorites include marshmallow eggs and hen's eggs - which are candy coated chocolate eggs in various sizes and colours. We always do an Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday after church. We also hang a cross on our front door ( as we do with a Christmas wreath) to remind ourselves of the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross. Off course a lot of people are doing the traditional Lent fast or altered like I am.

It is off course also a time of family getting together and having fun. So, we are counting the sleeps until Granny Annie comes from Port Elizabeth ( 3 sleeps) and my BIL ans SIL from Dubai (9 sleeps) for a visit. Looking forward to some great family fun. So, tell me a bit about Easter in your part of the world.

Ps - I have some pictures to enhance this post but somehow, have a problem loading up images. Ugh! Frustrating! Will try again later.Edited to add pictures - fihured out the problem all by myself -clever girl me!


  1. Yay! Easter is on it's way!

    Be sure to check out my blog today - giveaway going on.

  2. What beatiful flower. Marshallow eggs love them! Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

  3. Happy Easter! You know, I am so glad you post photos of your world! I am very ignorant. My knowledge of Africa is very limited to what is shown on TV here - which is all dry, brown, barren looking - I love seeing your blooms!

  4. Thanks for the tour of your Easter!!

  5. Sorry you don't get to get away, still nice to have the some time to relax at home. I hope you are all feeling better.

    I LOVE cosmos. Your picture of them is beautiful.

    Your Easter sounds delightful. We have not defined an Easter tradition in our family, yet. Seems like this is the year to set one.

  6. I LOVED THIS POST! Gorgeous cross too by the way.

  7. My family did away with the religious aspect of Easter when they moved from Europe, so for me as a child it was all about spring and bunnies and chocolates and dyeing boiled eggs.

    All too often, however, Easter falls before it gets warm enough here to have a hunt outside, so we always searched for treats indoors. I've continued this with my kids and while we're not into colouring/dyeing eggs yet, I do hide little chocolate eggs and other treats around the house for them to find. This year, because I may not be home Easter Sunday, I've made little baskets too.

    This is Little R's favourite time of year because spring (read: being outdoors more), his birthday and Easter all arrive close together. Fun stuff for a 4yo!


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