Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Hi jacking in progress!

Hi all fellow kiddos. We are hi jacking mommy's blog today to bring you the exciting new game called "tag team sleep" we devised last night. It works best if you have the following in place:
  • A sibling for partner in crime - works best if you are a multiples but can work if you are relatively close in age.
  • The coldest night of the year in an unheated South African home - our room is heated, mommy's and the passage - nope, icy at best.
  • A terrible wind blowing outside (good excuse for you)
It works as follows - between the two (or 3 or 4) of you discuss before hand who will take which shift - it works best if you leave a 15 minute period for mommy to actually fall asleep between sessions - that way it is worse if she has to get up again. The take your turns regardless of how tired mommy gets. Start at bedtime with one of you not doing the usual easy go to sleep routine and then move on through.

How you score points:
You get a point a minute mommy doesn't sleep.
Mommy gets a point a minute she sleeps.
You score 30 bonus points for the following:
  • She falls asleep on the carpet in front of you cot - off course you will wait 20 minutes or so after which you will restart the game.
  • She is wet because the humidifier blew on her the whole time.
  • She has a sore throat when she wakes up after the 3 hours of sleep we offered form 3:30 am when it was game over.
You score an extra 90 bonus points and immediate win if she gives up and takes you into the bed in your own room with her - that means daddy is sleeping alone for a whole night.

Mommy scores 30 bonus points every time she pats you back to sleep without having to pick you up. She scores 180 bonus points and an immediate game over if you all fall asleep before 1:30 am and sleep till morning.

Great game guys - try it tonight or any other night just after mommy thought she had a sleep problem sorted out and please come and tell us how you scored. We scored a whopping 370 point over mommy's 180 and and an immediate game over at 3:30 am. Great fun.

Now if we could only get or sister to join in , we can do the whole night - but she is Miss Goody tow shoes and slept right through as always. Whuss!

See yah
The Boys


  1. Sounds like a fun game.........NOT!

  2. Not fun boys!! Go to sleep!! Mommy is going to be crabby today:-(

  3. Ha! You cuties sure are something! A little note from another twin mommy - this game is not for mommy!

  4. Oh no Cat! That sounds just awful! I am sorry
    I wish there was something to suggest that would work besides earplugs. UGH!

  5. Oh Cat!! I'm trying so hard not to laugh here because I know that you're soooo sleep deprived. But my gosh that was hilarious!

    Hope you get some sleep tonight.

  6. what a cute post! but I am sorry about the not sleeping. Oh why won't these kids sleep!?!

  7. Bless your heart! That makes me tired thinking about it!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful game. I am not going to let my boys know about this game!

    Mommy needs sleep.

  9. I hope our twin boys don't learn this game when they come home from the hospital!

  10. Oh that is a classic game around here!


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