Monday, 8 June 2009

Makes my Monday - super trolleys and sibling playtime.

Playing along with Cheryl - what a great way to start the week.

Many moms of multiples will know that it is very difficult to go grocery shopping with the brood - in fact I have resorted to Internet shopping and the farmers market and the odd weekly items that are little enough to fill the baskets below the twin's stroller (not very much indeed). But these are relatively new to South Africa, and brand new at my favorite Pick 'n Pay. At least I can fill a medium sized trolley and The Little Miss has found a perch on the handle part. This really makes my Monday.

And making my Monday too, is sibling playtime. I really pity the older toddler siblings of multiples - they have a tough time adjusting, a lot of attention away from them and a team ganging up to them. But I have noticed over the last week or two that as soon as one of the twins are occupied with someone or something else, The Little Miss will take her chance to have a game with the other one. It really makes my day to see her interacting with them on a one to one level. We are actively encouraging this.

Yesterday afternoon these two were having a ball while Little man L took a longer nap. And yes, we have a triceratops (according to A), a rhino (according to Hunter ) or mommy's little unicorn (can't the other two count?) in the home - a great egg from a huge fall on Friday afternoon.

And last week these two were seriously cuddling and playing while Little Man C was busy reading with Lucy.

So what makes your Monday?


  1. Love these pictures.
    My mom used to take all 7 of us to the store.
    We were good most of the time...but can you imagine these days seeing a mom walking around with 7 kids trailing behind her?

  2. So sweet! Sibling playtime makes my Monday too!

  3. Finding something that makes your life easier is always a great thing! I love how great your kids get along!

  4. Aww! She's a good big sister. I know it's hard for them to adjust to one but I didn't even think about two at the same time!!

    Happy MMM!!

  5. Adorable! That is a great "Makes My Monday". BTW I noticed that you are starting a book blog! I can't wait!

  6. I hear you on the shopping charts there totally needs to be bigger ones.

  7. I, too, have thought about how the sibling ratio will go on the other end...will Adam always be left out from the other two who have bonded so well? Or will Sarah end up the odd 'man' out being that she's our only girl...3 is such a tough # at times...

  8. Awww... I love seeing little kids hug. It's so cool to see them bonding!

  9. Love sibling play time! I love just sitting and watching the kids play together!

    Grocery shopping..I have resorting to doing most of it after bedtime and I get to go out alone!

  10. How adorable! It's just wonderful to see Little Miss playing with the boys, isn't it?
    I just love when my older kids play with our twins.
    Adorable pics!

    ps Take a peek at my blog post! You won :)

  11. Cat, your little miss just always warms my heart so...she has such a sweet evident. :)

    Sibling playtime is DEFINITELY a Monday maker...thanks so much for playing along!

  12. all days ending with a Y are good as long as they start with a good coffee!!! thanks for stopping by


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