Tuesday, 7 July 2009

So this what it is all about.

As a child, my favorite place in the whole world to visit was a book store or the library. I could get lost in them - spend hours and hours. My dream was to have a huge bookstore filled with books. I just love to smell a new book, to hear the pages turn and the back band bend. I love books!I taught myself to read at around age 5 and has never stopped. I can always find the time to read - even while tandem breastfeeding twins, I always have a book with me - in case I have to queue somewhere, in case I have to wait for someone - I'll read. I'll read in the car, while eating lunch, while dressing, everywhere. Not in the bath though - I have way too much respect for a book to subject it to a watery plunge. That's what magazines are for. I buy a lot of books but I also belong to a Book club where we create a pool of books to borrow.

In my PK (Pre-kid) days I used to read a lot - really a lot. About 50 plus books a year! I found that after my children's birth and as they grew up, I read less and less. Not that I'll ever stop! It is just way less than I used to. I never make New Years resolutions, but did decide that for 2009 I will put a goal to myself - to read 36 books this year - that brings me to 3 a month. This blog is an attempt to review and report on my progress - I have a hand written book journal that I have been keeping for years. Off course, I have 6 months of books to catch up on reporting in this blog!

This also creates an opportunity for my friends in the blogging community to see what I am reading, to hopefully participate and give their own comments and to aid them in choosing books to read themselves. I do sometimes read books in my Mother tongue, which might not be available in English, in which case I will try to recommend another book by the same author that has been translated or I will take an older review out of my journal and publish it. Enjoy!


  1. Super Excited to see what you are reading...I want to read, but I do not have the extra time right now! One day soon...maybe your book club will inspire me! Thanks Cat!

  2. What a great idea! I am secretly addicted to book reviews;) I think it comes from working in a bookshop since I was 15 and learning quickly that everyone thought I had read all the books in the shop. I soaked in the back covers and the reviews and bluffed my way through. I only read the ones I was actually interested in but made sure I was knowledgable on as many as possible.

    I love opening a carton lot of books. Usually we order a few of one title but they get re-packed all together with the other orders and so they are not the same... a fresh carton of books direct from the publisher smells SOOOO good. I'm sounding strange now, I'll stop before I REALLY make a fool of myself.

  3. Thanks for your blog. I also enjoy reading and listening to books and finish about 3 or 4 each week. I look forward to reading the books you described.

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