Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Two for Two-sday - the Princess and I

Playing along with Debi as per usual. Pop over - you are bound to see many great two-somes.

On Saturday, I had a moment. And a cry - a very good cry. I do not often cry - I tend to keep in, be as brave as possible and under no circumstances cry. But we had a rough week and a rougher weekend. Things were just really tough. So my little Princess had "Granny day" on Saturday - a little tradition we started as soon as she was potty trained and we will include The Boys as soon as they are on that level. On Saturday as I was planning to leave my mom's with two very difficult two year olds after dropping her off at granny - the one having cried or sat on my lap the entire morning, she refused. Just said no! My mom and I were both shocked - she has been talking about Granny day the whole week. My mom goes full out to entertain and really spend quality time. Why?

As we were driving away she said: " Mommy you always have the brothers on your lap, you always talk to them first. I want to be with you and daddy, not with granny". My heart just broke! I started sobbing in the car and continued at home. Off course she has a right to demand our undivided attention. Off course she will feel like she is not getting her good share. Two sick babies take a lot of attention and time. With one mom only.

My dear hubby stepped in and did his best daddy thing - he went to nap with her, let me cry on his shoulder sent me off to go riding - spending 3 hours with a hysterical Little man C and the other two until I returned. We have been brought to a standstill and he has made a decision - he will be suspending his studies for 6 months to a year - just so that we can get through this rough patch. For us both to rest a while, to spend time with the kids, to give us all a bit of family time. The wisdom of a 4 year old has brought her parents to a much needed place. A bit of time together. We need it.


  1. Ok, you've got me tearing up, too now! I have felt that way a LOT lately...always tending to Adam and rarely finding quality 1-on-1 time with the other 2. Jacob doesn't always seem to mind but Sarah often gets upset if I pick up Adam before doing something with her. IT breaks my heart.

    It must've been one of those weekends...I had a good cry too...trying to snap out of whatever mood I've been in...

    I'm glad Hunter was able to step up and give you a break this weekend. I'm sorry to hear his studies have to take a break but I hope his extra time at home will help make things easier on all of you. *hugs*

    Thinking of you today as your lil guy has surgery!! Hope all goes well (I know it will! :-)

  2. Well done to dad for making a difficult career decision which is ultimately the best for your family.

  3. Sometimes, you need to get to that crazy place in order to know where you are really supposed to be.

  4. oh Cat. I'm sorry. That is just so hard to hear. I still have issues with Keith all the time as well :(

  5. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Wonderful that our kids can help bring things into perspective for us when we need it most. Thinking of you and all of your family right now.

  6. Wow, what an insightful Little Miss. How wonderful that she could articulate that to you. Don't feel too bad though, we all have those times where we are spread too thin and its just not possible to be everything to everyone. As Moms, its hard not to want to be that though.
    I am glad you have a family plan in place, you will so enjoy your time together.

  7. I'm so glad she told you what the problem was rather than trying to "be a big girl" like they sometime think they need to. Praying that these changes are what your family needs to gather strength and get back to "normal".


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