Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Way back and wordful Whensday - hospitals!

Playing with Angie for Wordful Wednesday....

He came through fine yesterday! Grommets in, adenoids out (and they were huge!- no wonder he has been snoring since day 1). We had to be at the hospital at 6 am so I took him in his PJ's and we were lucky to be first on the theatre list at 7:30. The pre-med stuff put him on such a high - it was so cute. He kept waving and talking to everybody. They allowed me to go right in theatre with him (hoping I looked like a character from Greys - alas, nothing sexy about paper hats) and he fell asleep smiling at mommy. I found it really hard to see him "go" and to leave him there. About 20 minutes later my friend Jewls who works in another theatre at the same hospital came out to tell me it is all over and he is fine. Bless her soul! 5 minutes later the doctor came out to talk to us and just another 5 minutes later I had him, screaming and aggressive in my arms. After about 30 minutes he calmed down and we waited our time out to go home.

Armed with his hasies (bunny), Dino and Granny blanky.

We were so relieved all went well and after a nap we could not keep him still. He was running outside with his brother and just fell over - face first, onto the paving. So we had to stop the blood and pay a surprise visit to the dentist to check on a somewhat loose front tooth. He said it was fine and will fasten itself again, but gosh, that was so not necessary.

Thanks again friends in cyberspace, for your love, support and prayers.

And off course, I will not let a chance go by to play along with Cheryl:

In keeping with the hospital pictures - our previous two visits:

Timeline: April 2008
Age of the twins: 6 months
Hospital stay: a week for bronchiolitus.

Little man C

Little man L.

Notice something? Yes, they are still so loving their "hasies" (Bunnies) and still sleeping with them. (See top picture)

Timeline: May 2008
Age of Little man L: 7 months
Hospital stay: 5 days for UTI and an enlarged heart.

I have a feeling that we will be back soon for another little boys' ears - seeing the ENT in a couple of hours.

Edited to add- the 20th is his turn. The one ear is borderline, the other is very bad. Maybe then he will fall less.


  1. Darling, absolutely darling!

    So glad surgery went well!

  2. Bless his little heart! He is so precious. Thank gosh the surgery went well.

    Happy Mostly Wordless Wednesday

  3. I'm glad to hear that everything went well.

    You kids are so cute! :)

    Greetings from Hong Kong. (You're my first visitor from Africa --that I know of. Haha.)

  4. I am so glad that he is ok!! There is nothing worse than having a sick child!!

  5. PRAISE GOD! What a relief for you, I can't imagine leaving one of my babies in the theatre for an op! So glad you got in first and didn't have a longer anxious wait to deal with too.

  6. What a sweetheart. Glad to see he came through like a star.

  7. Glad he's doing well after his recent surgery......two babies in the hospital at 6 months? Boo! That much have killed you.

  8. So glad the surgery went well and he's doing great - he's such a cutie!!

    Happy WW! :)

  9. SOoooo glad all went well!! So sorry to hear about the tooth though!

    That reminds me, I have to call the Dentist for Jacob. He fell on the stairs a few weeks ago and although nothing appeared damaged or anything - he cried and cried and would NOT let us touch his mouth that night at all. Even the next day, he said it hurt - but nothing was loose or cut so we let it be. Well the other night while brushing his teeth, we noticed one of his front teeth is looking gray and discolored...and we are wondering if he damaged something when he knocked it.

    Better go call the dentist while thinking of it!

  10. Visiting from WBW. What cuties you have!

  11. I am exhausted for you! Your little men are so cute. The absolutely melt my heart. I am happy to hear surgery went so well. Sorry about the trip to the dentist. You could have really done with out that. :)

  12. So very glad the surgery went well. I have never been through the adenoids removal..but we have had the tubes done here. Reading your post reminded me of when my son had his procedure.

    Thanks for sharing your hospital pictures.

    Good luck on the 20th.

  13. Glad that the surgery went well, I am so happy for you!
    Bless his sweet heart =)
    He is ADORABLE!!!

  14. So glad all went well and to see him smiling in the picture!

  15. great pictures and happy to hear all went well

  16. I'm glad L made it through the surgery okay, but so sorry for the faceplant. I'm sure some of the clumsiness is simply part of being 2 because my two are tripping everywhere as well.

  17. So glad it went well and will be praying for your other little guy too!


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