Thursday, 12 November 2009

February 2009: Book no 6

Well, I have done it! One month ahead of schedule I have reached my targeted 36 books for the year. I still have a lot of book reviews to catch up on here, but goal achieved!

Book no 6: Amsterdam by Ian McEwan

I discovered Mc Ewan last year when I read the bestseller "Atonement". I really enjoyed the book and I have subsequently read quite a few of his books. I share his fascination of mentally disturbed individuals or normal people being challenged on an emotional level to beyond general reasoning.

Amsterdam is an extremely clever story with a great unexpected turn to it. It is well written as one would expect of McEwan.

Cat's opinion: 8/10 and well worth the read.

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  1. I read a few of his books a while ago, but nothing in years. I really enjoyed them and I should maybe give this one ago.


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