Thursday, 21 January 2010

Crazy little thing called love...

Oh that first pangs of love as a teenager are so intense. You give your heart freely and it gets trampled upon -unless you are very lucky and married to your first love. Later in life love gets more serious and it hurts so much more when two hearts were entwined and you rip them apart. Then you meet THE ONE, the one to which you entrust your heart completely. The one that you trust so much that you place your whole heart and being in his hands with your wedding rings to tie them together. And it's good - it is a safe place for your heart to be.

Then you look in to the eyes of your newborn child and you know it - you know that inexplicably, permanently a piece was ripped from your heart and placed outside in the world to wander, as they grow older, more and more independently. That piece of your heart is not entrusted to one you have chosen, like the rest of it, but open to the nasty world outside be hurt, to get sick, maybe to die - too young.....

This was written in the memory of sweet Tuesday who became an angel almost a year ago. I have never met Tuesday or her mom Jessica Kate, but have been touched in the twin community by her unique but brief life on this earth. Please go to my dear friend Debi's blog and leave a comment on the linked post in memory of those bits of a mother's heart that was taken by cancer and those that are fighting it at present. She will be donating a dollar for each comment she receives.


  1. Thank you so much for such a beautiful post. And, thank you for your constant prayers and friendship.

  2. What a beautiful post and such an amazing thing your blogger friend has done "the $1 contribution". A very sad story indeed, touched my heart.

  3. I visited and left a comment. What a sad story. Your post is beautiful...


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