Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Two for Two-sday - playing with our new BF.

My little Princess, in all of her 5 year of life have had so many friends issues at school. In her first year at school they were only 4 girls in the class - two that had Tshwana as their home language, The Lil Miss and a little J. Naturally the two Tshwana girls formed a bond and the Lil' Miss and J became great friends. At the end of that year her parents returned to England and my princess was left in class with the other two, being third wheel on the wagon for the last two months of the year. She ended up forming a friendship with a little boy, R.

The next year the class was joined by an Afrikaans girl, X, and the teachers immediately got the two girls together as it seemed like a good match. An Indian and English girl (Z) joined the class. X turned out to be a huge huge bully and we had many tears as she and the Indian girl joined up into a bully crowd. So The Lil Miss and Z became friends, great friends until she left in August to return to America (yeah you've guessed it - lots of embassy staff has their kids in the school). So the Tshwana girls and R became the Lil Miss' friends for the year - they formed a loose little group with some arbitrary boys added in the mix. But no real friend - no close bond.

When the new year came a new girl joined in the older class, G and to all's surprise she and the Lil Miss became fast friends - they seemed to share a lot of laughs. Her own class stayed stable in terms of girls- Somehow there are always more boys than girls around. The tears were flowing at the end of last year when G had to say goodbye, as they were moving to Australia. I was worried, because for this year the girls in the class will consist of , the two Tshwana girls and the Lil Miss - I just knew we had trouble on hand. To my big surprise in the second week of school, a new name pops up in conversations. C and she is in the same group at swimming, in the same class and are playing all the time, the Lil Miss tells me. And then the teacher calls me aside to tell me that we have a beautiful new friendship blooming between the Lil Miss and C and that the class has found a way to deal with the bully now that she has no partner in crime - they just ignore her when she becomes agresive, but plays with her when she is not. I tell you - who says 5 year olds can not sort out issues ?(or maybe it is Teacher K's great leadership).

On Saturday her long time friend R had his birthday party. He invited all the boys in the class and only the tow new friends from the girl as apparently they are his friends too. So I had the chance to meet C and her mommy and I could not be happier. Let's hope for many happy friend days. So for Two for Twosday:

The Lil' Miss and C on one bike, C and her mom and some other very joyful party pictures.

I have so had it with the new Blogger editor - I can
not figure out how to place pictures, how to add text between them. My word! I love that I can make my pictures bigger, but what's the use. Anybody has advice? (apart from moving to Wordpress)


  1. I love that birthday cake. What a neat idea! You have some terrific shots there. Just wanted to say thank you for your support over the last few crazy weeks of my life. It means more to me that you know.

    Don't you just hate bullies?

  2. It's so hard to see your kid struggling socially, it's a hurt you can't really fix for them. It's great that Lil Miss has found a good friend, long may the friendship last!

    Looks like the party was fabulous, those are some great photos :-)

    I find that when I do use the blogger editor's picture uploader it's easier to grab the uploaded picture's url from the html code, dump all of blogger's formatting, and do my own html coding for arranging pictures in a post. That way I can tweak things to be just how I want them. When I do a photo heavy post I tend to write the whole thing in the html editing window and click back to the "compose" window just to check it's turning out right. Which I can do because I upload all my photos to Flickr and can grab urls for them from there.

    I hadn't even realised there was a new blogger editor till you mentioned it, I've just had a look - is it the "blogger in draft" that you're using? Looks fancy, must have a play with it, but editing in the html window seems to be the same as before.

  3. I'm not sure if you wanting to do what I do on my blog????

    But going to explain what I do incase it is.

    I first put all the photo's on the page...set the settings so that the picture appears in the middle...
    Then once uploaded onto my blog I go and write between the pics.

    I use flicker HMTL when I want to post my photo's bigger...from time to time....

    Hope that helps??

  4. Hi,

    Not sure if you've loaded the new blogger upload thing? i find the best way is to make sure that you press enter a couple of times between adding the pics, then you can type what you need to in them.

    Love the cake. I hear you about friend issues, been down that rd before with my eldest who is now 12. Luckily they seem to have the confidence to know what they want and how to deal with it. Never underestimate the minds of our kidlets!

  5. What a neat birthday cake. I just love the rainbow nation friendships.

  6. Despite the issues with the pictures I think your new blog is going to look great!!

    I download my pictures using the "Insert Image" tool in the "Edit HTML" screen and then click on the image to change the size and alignment. I always type my whole story first and then put several lines between the lines of text where I want to load a picture. Don't know if that helps! My pictures often still ends up too big because the raw jpeg is enormous, but I don't like small pictures!

  7. Aww, what great friendship pictures! I hope they are friends for life!
    I love your new blog look.

  8. Yeah, I move stuff around in the HTML editor. It is just easier.

    The cake looks great and those smiles tell the best story:-)

  9. Those are all such great shots. Looks like a fun day for all. I know with my daughter that there were many ups and downs through the years and how emotional it is for Mama too:)

    (Love the new family picture at the top!)

  10. so tough to watch them struggle but I hope the rest of her year and friendship continues well!

    I'm not crazy about blogger's new editor either. I've been trying out Windows live writer and can't decide if I like that a ton either...but its seeming to be easier than blogger right now.

  11. That rocket cake is the cutest and I can never get over how beautiful your daughter is.

  12. How sweet! There's nothing like a GOOD girlfriend.


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