Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Old friends - or as old as they get when you are all of 5 years old.

Playing along today with Cheryl and Angie:

Bastian and the Lil Miss - about 1 month and 6 weeks old. Dehlia and I did our post natal classes together with the two kiddos and my, have the years flown past. Our second "batch" is also close - her Lisa is just 3 months younger than The Boys.

B and the Lil Miss at his 5th Birthday party on Friday.

For the first time ever I have a little gem to share for "Say what" Wednesday at Missy's: (although this was Hunters' -not one of the kids')

While The Lil Miss and I went to her party and shopping on Saturday Hunter and The Boys spent some quality manly time together - playing cars and riding bikes etc. I left lunch to his discretion.

Me: Honey are they napping?
H: Yes, and they ate so well - finished all their food. (knowing that was the second thing I was going to ask)
Me: What did you have for lunch?
H: We had some lamb chops.
Me: Nice, and? (me waiting to hear something like bread or potatoes)
H: Pork sausages - they were yummy.
Me: Great and? (now waiting for some fruit or veggies)
H: Srambled eggs!
Me: What, only protein?
H: Yeah, we had a real mans lunch!


  1. hahaha. Boys will be boys no matter how old they get

  2. My daughter is turning 23 on Friday, and she's still friends with the little girl she met when she was a baby. I'm touched by the connection they've kept up over the years. It's very special to all of us.

  3. How sweet...just look at those smiles. [my 'baby' is now 37!!!]

    Mine is Footprints in the Sand...

  4. Why is it that the men folk so love their protein...and here was me thinking it was a blood group thing:)

  5. I love Daddy-time:-)

    Love those pictures! It is so cute that their outfits match:-)

  6. ah looking at the pics its like a little story that is going to continue.

    you never know they might end up being childhood sweethearts!

    Tina from
    Gossip Avenue
    Travel Shack
    Mummy Diaries
    Game FreakZ

  7. My hubby will probably still give the kids some fruit, but I can forget about vegetables. He does not like it, so it will never get on anyone's plate if he was left in charge!

  8. Look at the eyes Little Miss is giving in that last shot! Too adorable.

    Those stroller bound cuties...breathtaking!

    Thanks so much for playing along with WBW and I LOVE your Say What? too! ;)

  9. All my kids have "old" friends like this....their moms and I just hope they don't hate each by the time they're old enough to choose if they'll be "real" friends or not!! :)

  10. Sounds like a very man's funny. At least they ate! How cool that they are old friends and you still keep in touch!

  11. Oh....I love that. "Real mans lunch" I love your new header too. What a beautiful family you all are.

    I must apologize. I really am turning into one those bloggers that makes you crazy. If I could just stay away for good it would almost be better.

  12. LOL That is too funny! Just like a man! haha

    Love the pics! Adorable!

  13. Aww! Great idea for the photo, isn't that adorable.

    BTW, I like your new photos up at the top, they are new right???

  14. Loved this. Boys will be boys!

    At least he fed them!

    PS we're in Stutt btw. Know anyone here?


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