Friday, 5 March 2010

Friday - 5 March 2010

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Carrie

Hosted by Chris
26 February
Love this little after work moment of spontaneous play.

27 February
A quiet moment on the farm - that little curl that caught the sunlight was cut on Sunday.

28 February
Granny's birthday cake-lets.
1 March
Friends across 60 years of age difference. The Lil Miss and Mariki.

2 March
The horse stable on the before dinner farm has an unexpected addition to the stampede.

3 March
New funky glasses.

4 March
The cross on our front door and a bit of Photoshop.

Mommy's Idea
It's Friday and time to get the little its and bits out of the system:
I like to combine these with my 365 photos of the week, because in a sense, they are also fragments representing each day.
So over to some less visual fragmenting:
  • Today I am attending a course with very dry subject matter. It is going to be a long day and I actually have so much to do at work.
  • I had this weird problem with my Outlook on Wednesday - really weird. Computer boffin office person sorted it out.
  • Going riding again tomorrow!
  • Ugh -just tired.
We had a major meltdown about meals in helicopters tonight (by am over tired Lil Miss:
A: Mom, can we ride in a helicopter some day?
Me: Oh mommy would love it - I have never been in a helicopter.
A: They serve the best food on helicopters.
Me: (Thinking what the???) No my dear, you do not eat on helicopters like on an airplane. There are no air-hostesses.
Crying and hysteria starts. Yes, way too tired!


  1. I love the pics of the 60-year age difference friends, and the cross photo made me gasp...beautiful!

  2. I love your photos! Say - what camera do you have? I am after a zoozh camera for my dropping major hints husbanks way, may need to gove him a few pointers too!
    Love those FP glasses x
    Kirsty (

  3. I love that first photo :)

    Kiara would have had the same reaction if she was also tired!

  4. Gorgeous shots!! Every one of the them!!

  5. Love your photo's of the day. That cross is magnificent.

    Hope you survived your day:)

  6. Stunning pics.

    You take beautiful photos - what camera do you have? I think i'm going to follow Kirsty's lead and ask the 'husbank' for one for my b'day.

    Love the cross on your door.

  7. The dinosaur in the horse coral made me laugh. You never know who's going to join in the fun with kids.

    The cross picture is beautiful!

    Love the one of the quiet moment. That curl is too cute!

  8. That umbrella shot....I LOVE it.

    You have some maaaaaad PS skillz my friend, the cross pic is very cool.

    My kids have come aparts over the weirdest things too. It's nice to know we aren't alone in that! :)

  9. What a cute little curl .... too bad it always seems the boys get the curls~
    Great picture of the spanning ages!~

  10. I love the dinosaur joining the horses!

  11. Love the generations shot. So beautiful.

    And, the cross on your door is fabulous.

  12. That umbrella shot is great -- I'm such a sucker for shots of kids being kids :)

    The "friends" look great together -- there are no boundaries to true friendship.

  13. I love the photo of the cross as well as the one of Lil Miss and her friend. :-) both beautiful souls!


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