Thursday, 4 March 2010

Meet Harry Potter Jnr

No, he has not suddenly acquired wizardly skills, he just got new glasses.

Little man L had his check up at the very brilliant pediatric eye specialist last week. The long and the short of the story is that there is no improvement to be seen, but none expected. He is still doing extremely well considering the obstacles he faces with his right eye. The doctor confirmed again that he really does not know how much he can actually see with it, but just the fact that he is using it, means that the brain connection is active and will stay and maybe keep finding ways to "see" beyond the melien overgrowth. The cones and staves in those specific area will never function.

The treatment has been adapted though - no more of the horrid drops that disabled his "good" eye every two weeks. He is also ready to try a bit stronger lense on his "bad" eye - which is now really thick (a 4 factor lens). So off we went to get his new glasses.

The truth about glasses for a very young child? The get hammered, break and have to be fixed continiously. So I was delighted to see the new Fisher Price glasses that just arrived in South Africa a few months ago. They are sturdy, light, can hold thick lenses and have nothing that can break of. Even the higes are made out of a bendable plastic. Brilliant! And I think they are quite funky and fashionale.But do you think he is going to hate us some day for making him look like this?

I also thought that I will share with you a visual of the mobile phones I had in my care yesterday:

Hunter forgot his at home, so I brought it along to answer and refer to his office number. Little man L also left his in my care when we left the office to go fetch his glasses (he spent the first part of the morning with me at the office).


  1. I don't know if my comment was accpeted on not - if so delete this pls?

    He looks very cute in those glasses, i think they are awesome. However, he may not agree with you when looking back in 20 yrs time!

    Love the cellphone pic - do you love your E71 as much as i do?

  2. Oh I love that phone Shayne, love it!

  3. He looks adorable! Love your photo of the phones :)

  4. The glass looks awesome. I love the color. Stopping by from SITS!

  5. Love the new glasses...Adorable!!! Love the J&M play with real non-working cell phone, they want to be just as important as we are!

    Hosting a Book giveaway!!! check it out!

  6. I think those glasses are just great. My nephew started wearing glasses just past his 1st birthday and I know how many times it had to be bent back into shape and is wonderful that they now have these durable ones.

    That photo of your cellphones are so sweet..."photo of the day"?

  7. He is so cute!! He will be mad but you know, it will make his wife fall in love with him all over again:-)

  8. Glad that they make the more flexible glasses! They do look really cool.

  9. I think he is adorable in those glasses! I always wondered how glasses worked with kids. Yaya breaks almost all her play sunglasses so I can only imagine how it must be with real ones that are necessary.

    I'm answering your question with another question...Do any of us like our pics from when we were children? LOL Do not take his opinion personal 15 years from now.

  10. He does bear a resemblance to Harry Potter. He has such a cute little face !

  11. Those glasses are adorable!! I suppose it helps that the little dude wearing them is adorable as well ;)

    And TOO FUNNY - love that phone pic :)


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