Friday, 16 April 2010

Airport musings

Joy of joys, our flight has been delayed with two hours. I have already had quite a bit of time to kill @ OR Tambo as I had to take a lift with a collegue at a time that suits him, so I have been hanging around for a while already.

I just love people watching and have had ample oppertunity today. It seems that in order to fit in at the airport crowd you need to occupy yourself with at least two of the following at the same time:
Laptop/ notebook
Blackberry/E71/ iphone
Mail & Guardian/ The Times
Vuvuzela/soccer shirt/ Zakumi mascot
Several small children
Sunglasses perched on your head/ around your neck/ behind your head
A bottle of water

It seems that the good old book or magazine is somewhat old fashioned.


  1. I pray once you get on that flight you are able to relax and enjoy your time away.

    By the way, during our time at the airport I observed many of the same "hobbies".

  2. I try to leave all the gadgets at home and stick to a book or magazine when I go away. Otherwise you might not realize you are actually away at all!

  3. Sometimes I am glad that I don't travel much:-)

  4. People are very interesting to watch. Personally, I still prefer a good book.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Our local butchery has just been taken over by a lovely South African couple. They make the best South African sausage! It's a lifesaver from the basically boring taste of Kiwi meats that are very healthy, but not terribly tasty.

  5. That's so funny. A columnist in our local newspaper just wrote a similar column about people watching in the airport.

    I must admit...I, too, love to read but often end up picking up my phone during down times when I'm out and about to check my email, facebook or blogs!

    Hope you made it out without too much more delay and have a fantastic weekend!


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