Saturday, 17 April 2010

Scenes from a holiday - all about the beach

Of course, our holiday was mostly about the beach and we spent every morning and some afternoons there. At first The Boys were scared of the sea - and we settled at the tidal pool most days. By the end of the holiday they all enjoyed at least the pool and the beach. The Princess, well she was almost permanently in some form of water.
The daily trek to the beach - we are in walking/biking distance.
Playing with friends at TO beach.
Twin moments.
Taking to the water, at last.
Daddy and his darling.
Water baby.

Late afternoon at Uvongo beach.
Our last morning was cold and windy - perfect kite weather.
While others just stuck to playing with the current favourite -giant spades.


  1. Nothing nicer than a holiday at the beach...I love taking my little people there to play, forgot that at first the beach can be a scary place, we as adults take it all for granted.
    Lovely happy family photo's once again, thanks for sharing...

  2. Lovely pictures. I agree with the kite weather. It needs to be cool/cold and windy!

  3. Oh this is sucha beautiful post! LOVELY fun pics!

  4. oh...that all looks like so much fun! I can't wait for the summer and the fun with my kiddos. who knows how much we'll get to the beach, but maybe at least once!

  5. I can't wait for our turn! It's coming:-)

  6. Lovely seaside holiday photos of a happy family !

  7. Lovely, happy post but next time I want to see more of you in the pictures!


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