Thursday, 1 April 2010

Stress - and the Female to female blog challenge.

Why is it that going on holiday is such a stressful affair? Not actually the going or planning, the finishing of work before you go - the planning to make sure that all is covered? I worked until late last night and still have to work miracles here this morning to finish everything. Hunter will have to burn the midnight oil tonight to get his work done. Why, oh why? It happens every time. And then when you get back to work there is the catching up to do - even if we are just away for 4 working days.

But on the other hand - we have 11 glorious days of holiday ahead of us - 2 (what is predicted to be rainy days) at home, 2 days traveling and 6 happy days at the seaside. Yeah!

What colours would your wedding be/was your wedding? Gray and lavender. My wedding dress was made from my mom's 1960's hand beaded dress (see pictures) and some of the silver beads had turned to gray - hence the choice. The flowers were bright and mixed colours - it looked stunning. We ordered a huge amount of lavender from a lavender farm - the aroma filled the air.
Scrubs or Greys Anatomy? Greys Anatomy
Do you pick your battles? Or do you fight for everything you disagree with? Or do you let it all go?I pick my battles very selectively and then fight had and teeth.
Bar One or Whole Nut? Bar One
Where is your favourite holiday destination? Anywhere at the seaside - actually the Eastern cape coast.
High School Musical or Cinderella? Cinderella
You are buying a new house what is the one thing the house must have? A real stoep and no lapa - I hate the ideas of a lapa.
Spring or autumn?Autumn - the Spring allergies kill me - well almost.
Have you every skinny dipped before? Yes.
Yoga or Kata Box? Yoga - I love yoga. Still did yoga until 32 weeks pregnant with the twins. At that stage I could still do most preggy related postures. So day I am going to so a lot of yoga again.
If you had to study what would you study?A Photography course.


  1. I find the whole going away thing very stressful - all of it!

    I would much rather stay at home to be honest!

  2. Tell me about it... I'm also going to be working til all hours, and we're only going away for one night and then we leave again on Tuesday!
    That wedding of yours sounds gorgeous!! Those are my favourite colours

  3. I love a wrap around stoep

  4. Once you are on holiday it will all be forgotten!

    Wrap around stoeps are my fav!

    Have a wonderful time away.

  5. Love your wedding theme!!

  6. Have a wonderful holiday with your family...yes agree, its a woman thing, we stress about everything...xx

  7. Enjoy your hope that we can see each other while you are down here. We are back in PE on the afternoon of the 17th. Will e-mail you my cell no.

  8. Love the pics of your wedding day. You both looked gorgeous! Have a wonderful time by the beach. Take a lot of pics!

  9. Nice.
    Going to look at wedding pictures now.


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