Friday, 2 April 2010

Friday 1 April 2010

Today as we celebrate the holiest of weekends and remember Christ on the cross, may your heart celebrate the greatness of the Lord . May the love of Jesus for you in person lighten this dark (and rainy in our case) Friday and may the resurrection on Sunday explode in your heart.
May you have a blessed Easter.
PhotoStory Friday
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Hosted by Chris
26 March 2010:
Her report card from school came back with so many good remarks, she got a little reward. Learning to walk on her new stilts.

27 March 2010:
Got a nice shot of the goat. Looked really cool in black and white.

28 March 2010:
He woke up all unhappy and half asleep had a great cuddle with granny. Love the light and the colours.

29 March 2010:
Izelle used to work for us before moving to another town. She came to show he little 6 week old.

30 March 2010:
Crazy day. At 6:30 I remembered that I have not taken a picture. This is an on camera flash shot in the garden.
31 March 2010:
Oh those ole blue eyes.

1 April 2010:
For my last cross I chose the one I see the most. It is an Ethiopean silver  coptic cross - has been on all my sets of car keys from December 1989.


  1. Love your cross! All your pictures are so full of love, thanks for the peek into your life.

  2. Happy Easter to you too! Beautiful photos, I love the goat picture. I love goats!

  3. Wishing you a very blessed Easter week! Beautiful photos.

  4. great pictures. my favorite is the one with granny. so sweet.

  5. Your cross collage is stunning!!!! Love the keychain cross at the end. I can see why you've had it on there for so long!

  6. Such beauty this week!

    Beautiful feet, beautiful eyes, beautiful smiles.

    What can you tell me about an Ethiopian Coptic cross? It's a very intriguing symbol.

  7. How fantastic that you have had that cross that long! It's just lovely!

    LOVED your sentiment at the beginning of this post!
    May you have a very blessed Easter holiday!

  8. Have a blessed Easter my dear friend. So glad you started blogging and that we met in cyberspace.

    Congrats on your second anniversary in blog land.

  9. I LOVE your pictures this week. How beautiful! The stilts! the cuddle with Granny! The nanny! Fun. And the cross. I love the cross. I am so very thankful for the cross. May you have a joyous easter tomorrow. God bless.

  10. How gorgeous is the one of your princess?

    Have a Blessed Easter and travel safely for your holiday.

  11. Oh, I LOVE this week's pictures!! The cuddle with Grandma shot is my favorite...what a beautiful memory to capture!

    Happy Easter to you, my friend.

  12. The goat shot is pretty cool. I think the black and white really sets it off. Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend!

  13. Belated happy easter to you and yours.
    I love the goat photo and the one of the stilts!


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