Monday, 12 April 2010

We have just returned...

self portrait on the beach 
from what I can only describe as our best family holiday ever. It was truly a gift to us all. I can not really tell you what made it the best, but it could be:

That the little boys are just those 3 months older to make them easier - we understand them more, they understand us more.
That our princess was really into entertaining her brothers and helping us - she was incredibly sweet and easy to have around.
That we were in a little villa with all the comforts and not in a tent (although I love camping).
That San Lameer is truly a great resort.
That we had a lot of good family time, a bit of me time each and also a bit of us time.
That none of us felt that the other was doing more than you are - the workload was light, the enjoyment factor huge.
That we did some great things together which we have not done before - for instance we went rowing on the lagoon - all 5 of us.
That bar one day, we had the most perfect weather imaginable.
That we kept things simple, with the same basic routine.

Maybe, a bit of all of the above, or possibly just that we found our family dynamics on holiday - that we learned to really enjoy time together on holiday. It has been good for us as a family, it has been great for us as a couple. It has been a healing and we had a great rest. It was truly a time to remember.

It really makes my Monday.

Playing along with Cheryl.


  1. Bet you love the purple soles too - bought them for a whole 80 ront at a little shop in Shelly Beach.

  2. How divine are those slops?


    So great that you had a good family time away. Often when going away together, you come feeling more stressed because the workload with kids is increased.

    so glad that that wasn't the case for you.

  3. Welcome back!

    This makes me excited for a family vacation. But first I need to make some plans. ;)

  4. I absolutely LOVE those slops, they are beautiful.

    I am soo glad that you enjoyed your family vacation.

  5. Very bright shoes indeed.

    Family holidays are the best. I've never camped and this year hubby wants to try..with me, so lets see how I manage

  6. Glad you had a great trip. Cute shoes!!

  7. We experienced the same also for the first time we went on a short weekend getaway this January. Last year we went on trips and I felt "Why bother. Just stay home!" Then suddenly four months later it was like a complete turnaround occurred.

  8. that sounds simply incredible!! Oh...the quest for the perfect family vacation...especially with little ones! I am hoping we can take some time out for some family fun this summer...

    Can't wait to hear more about it and see more pics!

    (love the sandals, too!!)

  9. Flip Flops are a staple for me and I LOVE YOURS! Your family holiday seemed like the perfect mixture of all that constitutes a real vacation from every day life. It makes me want to go on one so badly! Meanwhile, I'll live vicariously through you.

  10. OH! It sounds absolutely perfect! I can not wait to see your beautiful photos for your 365 :)

  11. So glad you had such a lovely time, it's great when holidays turn out just the way they should :-)

    We did go camping and had perfect weather too, for which I was eternally grateful. Unfortunately I ended up with a very painful ear infection and so couldn't go horse riding when we moved on from the tent to our farmstay bed and breakfast part of the holiday :-(


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