Monday, 31 January 2011

The weekend report

So the weekend was one of those - fun filled at times and very challenging at others. Sleep was mostly the challenging part with L, currently the better sleeper of the twins, waking up around 1:30 Friday and Saturday night and only going back to sleep at about 3:30 (yes, I do check the clock!).Last night, they slept through. Bliss! I did manage a short nap on Saturday and Sunday and I let Hunter sleep in on Sunday morning, taking the kids to church on my own and visiting my mom after.The highlights was good though: - afternoon walks on both days with the kids and the puppies, the Princess went to the Men*lyn drive-in with friends on Friday night and loved it, and the kids were super good in the church. I really could almost not believe how good they were.The highlight however was family fun day at the Boys' school.

For some of us,  the water slide proved irresistible.

 While others discovered the joy of a jumping castle for the first time.
 Stolen twin moments - I have no idea what these two were up to right here, but it does warm my heart.
 As we sat chatting to other parents I remarked to Hunter that this is the first family fun day since the boys were born that we actually sat down and talked to people and did not spend all our time running after a kid.

So yes, small steps, small bits of progress makes my Monday.

Playing along with Cheryl.


  1. Looks like such fun!

    I again had an afternoon nap (we all go for a nap but somehow I'm the only one who sleeps :))

    I woke to Kendra poking me in the face saying "Mommy... Mommy" - after they'd played outside with Daddy.

    Very cute but not the best way to wake up.

  2. Love that photo of Princess and the bubbles!
    I had to smile when you said you had your first sit-down and not having to run after the kids... It's a BIG milestone! :D

  3. Love the slide photos. I just love the age my boys are at now... because I can actually start having adult conversations at parties again!!

  4. Its great when they start doing their "own thing" and we can sit back and observe.

    Its a HUGE step.

  5. Sounds like a fabulous weekend.

  6. Looks like a fun time was had by all. You have such beautiful children. As for the sleep issues, I can sure relate...for me if it's not one child it's another...However everyone slept last night..(ok i did sleep with J all night..but it was worth the uninterrupted sleep)

  7. Love these pictures! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. What a great way to spend the weekend!

  9. Nothing makes me as happy as seeing happy children at play...stunning photos.

  10. how fun. I can't wait till Summer.

  11. So sorry that sleep continues to evade you but glad you had a fun weekend otherwise!!

    Sooooo jealous of the warm weather you have right now! it was only 3 degrees F this morning, expected to be colder tonight and we are expecting a HUGE snow storm in the next 2 days.

  12. That looks like such a lot of fun! Makes me wish for warmer weather over here.

  13. Beads with a bathing suit---how I love Little Miss!

    Hoping you find some rest and well-deserved relaxation soon!

    Thank you so much for playing along!

  14. Wow, the boys are really looking so big these days. Still keeping you on your toes I see!!


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