Friday, 8 July 2011

December 2010 - Book 31

Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert

I am not a good non-fiction reader, preferring the escape from reality to reality itself. This book however, is  a startling exception to the rule. I loved it and it kept me fascinated throughout.

Liz, the charming divorcee from "Eat, Pray, Love" tells the story of what happened after the sweet love story in Bali. The supposedly happily ever after part. It turns out to be the harsh reality o trying to carve out a life together in the worst of circumstances. Having been forced to marry in the modern equivalent of a state induced shotgun wedding, she uses the time to research the history and future of the institution we call marriage.

To me, it reinforced some ideas but what I loved most is the realization that above all the intimacy and privacy of a marriage between two people is still the most powerful union of all.

A must read for all married woman (and those contemplating the idea). It was such an apt read on the eve of our 10th anniversary.

A stunning 9/10 

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  1. I loved this book. When I read it my marriage was at a real low point and it made me realise that a marriage is what you make it. I credit this book and Eat, Love, Pray with saving my crumbling marriage and making me fall in love with my husband again.


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