Friday, 16 September 2011


You might remember from my September list of goals that I want to do a craft every weekend with the kids. The past one was a loss - we just had too nice a visit with our friends, but last weekends we made unbreakable snowglobes.

You need:
  1. Plastic water bottle - labels removed (Mr Min works great for this)
  2. Gliserine - about a quarter of the bottle
  3. White vinegar - two desert spoons per bottle
  4. Good strong glue
  5. Glitter, stars etc.
Add the gliserine and vinegar to the bottle and fill with water.
Let the kids add the stars etc. Mine had heaps of fun naming the colours etc.
Glue the cap onto the bottle and let it dry.
Hand over for hours of play.

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  1. what fun and it sounds easy. Do you have anything to do with felt?

  2. Oh wow!  They look nice.  I'm going to borrow this idea if you don't mind.

  3. A great idea. I'm always looking for ideas for school as Art hasn't really been my thing but need to expand my skills.

  4. This sounds easy enough...I think I will do it with my little ones.

  5. That is so cute!! I remember Bradley making them at school one year for Xmas... think I'll do that with them again

  6. I've made these with my students in the past but its been a while. Always a fun project!!

    Sorry I haven't commented in so long...having web browser issues and can't usually comment on Disqus. Going to try to catch up on a few tonight.

  7. Love this - Kiara will love this :) Definitely going to make her one!

  8. What a nice crafting idea for the kids. Going to try this with them soon

  9. Wow, that looks like a great idea! I especially like the photo where it's being shook.

  10. What fun! I can hardly wait until my girls (now 14 months - twins) are old enough to do real arts & crafts except for tasting the paint by licking it off their fingers. :)

  11. So cool! And so very easy. Am definitely going to do this with my boys.x


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