Monday, 4 August 2008

Choo, choo - and off we go towards growing up.

I have just returned to the office after taking The Boys for their measles shots and a quick weigh-in for Little man L.And yes! He is up to the 10th percentile! Not yet on the 25th where he should be, but much better. We will go for a another weigh-in in a month's time. And C had a very short cry while L didn't even cry.

On Friday night the Little Miss decided to make Little man C's hair into a mohawk. He looked hilarious!

Little man C's been having a very rough time sleeping for the last week. It is probably teething pain - he is cutting a front tooth, so on Saturday morning while daddy was at the farmer's market, I had these two little monkeys in bed with me while Little man C slept in.

On Saturday afternoon we had The Little Miss' friend Pieter's birthday party at the Model Train - theme, off course Thomas the train. The weather was great - almost springish - 25 degrees C. The train is always huge fun for kids and parents alike. The Boys even had a two rounds on the train but fell asleep later in the stroller and that was it for them. But A had huge fun and even went once on her own - so independent now.

Toot toot! Here comes the train.

Dad and The Boys waiting on a bench for the train to take their first (and only) ride. And I didn't take a photo - forgot to ask someone and we were each sitting with a boy on the lap.

Me and The Little Miss passing by the station.

The Little Miss with her Thomas hat. Yes, I know it is the same outfit ( although I convinced her to put the waistcoat on) but you have been warned! She refuses point blank to dress in any other outfit.

The birthday boy with his brother, dad and mommy.

Love this photo of my princess.

The table looked great with lots of Thomas stuff bought in the US after a recent trip by the parents. They will be moving to Hershey in February - I will miss them so much.

The Birthday boy in Thomas garb with his Thomas cake.

On Sunday we brought the high chair out of storage (at last!) and bought another one. Up to now we have used the Bumbos with the Bumbo tray for feeding, bit this was high time to move on. We also did two other drastic thing involving The Boys but I will post about that after I have taken photos.

Big enough for our high chairs.

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