Wednesday, 11 February 2009

My 200th post!

So this is my 200th post! Can you believe it! When I started out with this I certainly did not know just how much you will become part of our joys and sorrows.

I have also been wondering why you read my blog? I can think of 4 reasons:
1. You are a fellow multiple mom - we tend to stick together, don't we?
2. You are a fellow working mom.
3. You are interested in South Africa or Africa.
4. Or, you feel some special connection, like I do with some of you - some over the airways of life togetherness and understanding.

Whatever your reason may be, thank you for reading, and thank you for sharing.
So, in celebration, I am having a Q&A session - you can ask me anything you want, and please do, I would love to answer your questions. And I would love to hear from you - even those who I know are lurking here, now is the time to show your face! You can ask questions until Sunday the 15th - so keep them going.

Thanks once again!


  1. Happy 200th post!

    I haven't had time to read through all the archives but it's on my to-read list that's for sure. (Apologies if the a's to my q's can be found in the archives.)

    What is your favorite thing to do by yourself? And what is your favorite thing to do with your family?

    Do you have any special tricks that you can share that you came up with to make your days easier with little ones?

    Well that's actually three q's :)

  2. WooHoo! Happy 200th! Great idea!

    Okay, here are my Questions...

    Since, you live in South Africa and I do not know anyone else who lives there... What is your most favorited thing about South Africa? If I were traveling there - where you recommend I visit?

    What is your Favorite twin story about your boys, so far?

  3. Hey there!!! Congrats on your 200th post!!! I read your blog for a couple of reasons that you listed, and although I don't always comment (which I ALWAYS should), I follow your blog as much as a I can!! Of course, there is the twin connection too!!!

    Forgive me if you have already answered these:

    Do you think you will have more kids??? Where were you born? Where else in the world have you traveled?

    Thanks for having such a great blog, keep up the awesome work! Also, I feel very honored that you read my blog, I always tell my husband that you are one of my most faithful readers (and one of the most interesting too!!!)

  4. Hello fellow mother of twins! My question is: what do you think is the hardest thing about twins so far? and what have you done to make it easier?

    Your twins are about 8 months older than mine, so I need your wisdom and any twin-tricks you've got!

  5. Woo hooo!! Congratulations on your 200th! How exciting :)

    I follow your blog (now) for all four reasons...have to admit that before we connected, I wasn't THAT interested in #3, but getting to know you AND South Africa has been really neat. A nice bonus. :)

    Questions....let's see. You've already been asked some really good ones!

    Oooh...Last I knew, your hubby didn't know about your blog. What do you think his reaction would be if he found out about it, and do you imagine ever telling him? I'm always fascinated by "secret blogs" :)

  6. Hello! You have commented on my blog and that´s how I came here. I haven´t been reading long, so I don´t know much about you.
    Can I ask why you live in South Africa? Are you and ex-pat or a "native"? Are you a SAHM or do you have another job too? What does your husband do?
    Enough? Sorry, just interested... :)
    Congrats on you 200 posts!!

  7. Happy 200th!
    I think I found you because we are both twin mommies, but now I read you because of your amazing spirit :)

    My question...
    If you had to choose only one luxery item to own, what would it be and why?

    Many blessings for
    the next 200 posts!

  8. HI! Found your blog through SITS and just stopping by to say hi. Congrats on your 200th blog! :)

  9. Happy 200 posts!!!! I am not sure which one I fall under up top, but so happy to have stumbled onto you.

    So.......I do have some random questions. First one being, what is your favorite family tradition? Your favorite dish to cook for your family? What would be your dream vacation? If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? Ok, that is a lot of questions...just one more. Who in your life made the biggest impact on who you are today?

  10. congratulations on post #200!!!

    how often do you get time alone? what do you do with that time?

    how often do you get a date night with your hubby?

    what is your favorite part of living in south africa? least?

  11. Congratulations on your 200th post!! That's amazing!!

  12. Gosh, I can barely remember who found who first! haha! I, of course, love reading about all 3 of your kiddos, but love the twin connection. I love hearing about life on the other side of the world too. Amazing how our lives, worlds away, can be so different, yet so similar!

    So, my question - coming from a fellow working mom - is what is the greatest challenge as a working mom? And despite that, why do you still choose to work instead of be a SAHM? Something I ask myself all the time..haha!

    Happy 200th post!

  13. I am a mother of multiple so we have that in common but I also like reading b/c even though you are across the world, we still go through the same trails and tribulations. It makes the world feel a little smaller. ;)

  14. Congrats! What is your favorite pie?

    What's your favorite movie?

    When did you know you wanted to be a mom?

    I moved! Come see me at

  15. Congratulations on your 200th post!!!!!!

    My questions:
    1) How many languages do you speak/understand.

    2)What is your favorite thing about South Africa? What is your least favorite thing about South Africa?

  16. I love your blog period. I like everything about it and the fact that you're clear across the world makes it fun too. I am a mother of one and am thankful every day for her. Congratulations on the big 200!

    What song best describes/summarizes your life at any given moment? Music tells a lot about a person so I'm excited to hear your answer.

  17. Happy 200th post!

    I will get to my question in a bit... but you left me a question on my blog about how to leave glasses on a 16mo old... you don't. Just try for small amts of time and as the child gets older they will become more accustom to wearing glasses. My boys both had to have glasses in grade school and that is certainly early enough.. but 16mo is hard. I would esp try to put them on and then distract him/her with a favorite activity. The longer they wear them then the less they will want them off. Good Luck!

    My question to you and it may have already been answered or asked...

    what is your biggest gain out of blogging? What do you like about it the most? what inspires you?

    hmmm... thought provoking... aren't ya glad I didn't ask the meaning of life? LOL

  18. What is your favorite color and why?
    Would you rather stay home or go out?
    Is there a food that is totally your gulty pleasure?


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