Thursday, 9 April 2009

Thanksgiving Thursday

Today, off course, thanksgiving Thursday is extra special.
  1. So, first off all, I am thankful for the love of God and for the great sacrifice Jesus made for my sins so many many years ago.
  2. And thankful for my parents who raised me in the love of Jesus and God's community on earth.
  3. That my dear husband believes and praises with me.
  4. For being able to raise my children with Jesus by their side. How else do you deal with the trials and tribulations (and responsibilities) of raising kids.
  5. Being able to spend this special weekend with our siblings that live so far away in Dubai and little Madelein.
  6. For a freezer with 3 Boboties (a spicy meat pie, traditionally South African), 4 containers of Lasagne's , 5 family portions of meat balls and 4 family portions of fish cakes all home made and frozen by my MIL.
  7. Being told by the friendly family doctor that yes, my little Princess has a urinary tract infection, and yes, she will regain bladder control after this is sorted out. I was thinking that I'll have to start potty training all over at 4 or that maybe something pshycologically is wrong. My poor girl is so distressed, she has wet her bed 3 nights in a row (only the second time ever since she has been potty trained), once at school yesterday and twice at home. My poor girl!
  8. And for the antibiotics that will help us sort above mentioned UTI out.
  9. For having my MIL at home as I still have a meeting at 3 this afternoon (can you believe it!) and our nanny left at 10 this morning to go home for the long weekend.
  10. 10. Ah, and lovely hot cross buns for breakfast this morning. That was so yummy.

So why don't you also play along with Nicole at What a trip today!
Playing along with Nicole at What a trip today:


  1. What a great list!!

    Sorry Little Miss has a UTI - not fun!

    But WOW look at all that fod you have!!

  2. Wonderful list! Especially the first ones! Poor thing - UTI are no fun! Hope she feels better soon!

  3. That's another great inspirational list:-)

  4. Hot cross buns! YUM! I'd be happy too!

  5. You always help me to remember to be Thankful and for that I thank you.

  6. So sorry to hear about Lil Miss's UTI. Hope she feels better soon!

    Our freezer is stocked too, but not with home made meals like that. Yum!

  7. Your post totally made me hungry! ;)

    Wonderful list--so much to be thankful for!

    Happy Thanksgiving Thursday and have a blessed Easter!

  8. So much to be thankful for. I hope your Little Miss is feeling better quickly.

    Some of us over here, way across the ocean and Equator would love learn more about Boboties. Maybe even a recipe if you had a moment.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you.


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