Monday, 11 May 2009

Makes my Monday

Only 2 days left to bid on Tuesday's auction - please, please bid! (see items above)

No this is not about Mothers day, we are NOT talking about Mothers day, yet...

So what makes my Monday today? (go to Cheryl's - click image, to see some other great Mondays)

We went shopping on Saturday morning at our local mall. Passing a table casually standing in the mall, I noticed that they had a Crocs competition, closing in 15 minutes time. So I quickly scratched for all my till slips in my ever untidy handbag, and wrote my name on the back of the 6 I found and popped them into the huge green Crocs boot.

Lo and behold, I won, twice! Firstly a Crocs bag, and then a pair of Kids caymans! Wow, and The Little Miss really needed some Crocs (I think this was specially lined up for us by God Himself - they are freaking expensive here). So I chose a brown bag - is this not lovely? And she chose a bright purple pair. I am using my bag to carry my lunch and various loose items and off course she is wearing hers today (with socks under). Have to buy some Jibbitz to decorate.

Did I mention that I really love Crocs, no matter what you say? I have 4 pairs in different styles.
Now this really makes my Monday!


  1. So cool! Congrats on your winnings!!!!

  2. I can't believe this is coming out of MY mouth but I was planting my mother's garden on Saturday and wishing I had some crocs.

  3. Awesome!! I love the bright purple ones. I seriously think every single store here has these shoes but not "crocs" brand. My kids won't wear them....hoping by summer they will.

  4. YAY for winning! I've never worn crocs, but I hear they're comfy!

  5. That is great, congratulations! I had no idea crocs now made bags, that is cool!

  6. Congratulation on your Winnings.
    and I am in total agreement with you..I love crocs..
    although..they are not actually croc brand that my kids wear..but, like you said..they are too much money..
    nonetheless..the knockoffs the kids find way comfy..and they are so easy to clean and dry so quick when they get wet..all the essentials for a kid's

  7. Congratulations on your winning! The brown bag is very cool!

  8. that is so cool!

    btw, my the babies will be 2 in June so that makes them almost 23 months old.

  9. Omigosh! WHAT FUN!!!! Isn't winning something you don't expect wonderful? Especially as it was in this instance when it is something that you LOVE!

    Your happiness Makes My Monday!Thanks for playing along!

  10. Talk about a lucky day! Very cool. Wish I could have won the new Naot shoes I just bought for my trip to Europe. YIKES! I've never spent that much on shoes before. I'm green with envy!

  11. What luck for last-minute entries!

    My 4yo is asking for a new pair, so I'll be off to find him some this week. I don't own any in my size, but my husband broke down and bought himself a pair (for running into the garage, he claims) earlier this year. I'm not far behind though, as I do love to wear clogs and they are so similar.

  12. Congrats! How fun! I have never even tried Crocs, but keep hearing how comfy they are. Maybe I'll get the kids a pair this summer.

  13. That is awesome! I have never seen a Crocs bag either.

    Crocs shoes...well we have them, I think I picked a pair up at our multiples sale for $1 and we have a few fake ones too.


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