Sunday, 14 June 2009

Debi's Baby Picture Sundays - Silly smiles

I am so glad that I saw Debi's theme early this week, so I could play along even though I am away from all things technological this weekend.

So here's my 3 Silly smilers:

The Little Miss at about 8 months old - I chose this picture because it is one of my favorites of her.

Little man L being really silly (he was and is such a serious baby/boy)

Little man C - always a charming little man.

Why don't you play along and pop over to Debi's and play as well?


  1. OMGosh! LOVE this, esp Little Man L! Adorable!

  2. Your little smilers are soooooooo cute!!

  3. Love those smiles - especially the middle one! It looks like he's getting a big, goofy laugh out!

  4. I love the middle pic, he looks like he's laughing out loud about something.


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