Saturday, 13 June 2009

Our Staycation report

It's been a month and a hlaf since we had our great Staycation and I have been such a procrastinator in not giving a proper report on all we did. So, in many photographs and not so many words:

We had quite a few visits with friends, here with my and my mom's friends Mariki and Hettie:

Hettie and C

Granny and L

The Little Miss and Mariki - these two really enjou each other's company.

Little man L had his check-up at the eye specialist:

He is starting to use his "bad" eye more and more and his brain has found a way of seeing past the blockage. He is focusing and fixating with the eye. This is excellent news and more than what we and the doctor hoped for. Now he is getting drops in his "good" eye every second weekend to try and optimize the "bad" eye.

We helped Moses in the garden.

The sweeping team.

Little man L and his broom.

Little man C and his broom - yes I know it is pink and purple but it is the only one I found in the shops. The other one we've had for a few years.

Off course, The Little Miss mastered her bicycle at last.

We had a great day at Rietvlei dam, our local little game reserve.

We saw buffalo! (This is exceptional)

It would have been a better day if A did not get sick - but she is a real little trooper.

The other two little girls, Miss Emma and Annik also joined us for the day.

And I just love this picture.

We visited the "Cow mall" - a mall in our city famed for it's cow and dairy theme.

I managed to keep the kids out of the water as it was a coolish day.

There was quite a bit of napping...

On the couch.

In the car.

And also some non- napping at nap time.

We had way more fast food than we generally have.

And went for quite a few scenic drives.


Pretty scenery.

My men.

And my loves.

And spent some time just relaxing at home.

(We also went to the zoo - but more about that tomorrow.)


  1. Great pictures! Looks like you all had a great time!

  2. Wonderful shots! Looks like you all had such a great time...

  3. what a great staycation.

  4. Wonderful photos Cat! Looks like a fabulous way to spend a staycation.

    LOVE the photo of your hubby & the kids. Just precious!

    ps Hope you are having a lovely weekend away with little miss!

  5. That looks like the best time ever!!!

  6. Fantastic photos.

    I'm so glad to hear that Little Man L's eye is starting to improve!!!


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