Thursday, 11 June 2009

Playing along with Nicole at What a trip! on Thursdays. I have been so busy recently and although I have posted regularly but I have been slacking on the reading and commenting part. But I have so much to be thankful for:

1. Hunter has 3 days off to study and write his exam. At present he is using an empty office here so it is great to see him on his breaks.

2. Mommy has won "The Game" the last two nights with one waking on Tuesday night and one of each of them last night. But please don't tell them!

3. Bookclub on Tuesday night was refreshing - great food, good company and some good books to read.

4. I think I have strep throat - but I am thankful for a doctor's appointment this afternoon at my favorite GP. Sometimes so hard to get in with the doctor you want to see.

5. We are having icy cold rainy weather - this is really unusual for our city - we have cold nights and comfortable warm winter days - and dry, very dry. This is a great (although cold) interlude. I hate the winter dust.

6. The Little Miss is progressing so well with the early maths programme at school - she is only 4 and have full number recognition and understanding up to 7!

7. Little man C is having a verbal explosion - a new word at least every day. He is also saying his sister's and brother's names. He is talking up a storm.

8. Little man L had me worried because he hasn't been talking much. He is a quiet boy personality wise. But on Sunday he said a full sentence! "Die deur is toe" which translates - "The door is closed" Both my mom, The Little Miss and I heard it. I was completely speechless. He is just not the normal development type kid - he does things his own way (and we were warned by the Neurologist!)

9. For dear Lucy who babysat on Tuesday night so that Hunter could study and I could get to Bookclub.

10. And for my great escape this weekend! I haven't told you guys yet, but my mom, The Little Miss and I are joining my aunt, cousin and his wife and their two boys for a long weekend at Verlorenkloof near Lydenburg. It is a spectacularly beautiful place and I am hoping for some sleep, rest and peace and quiet. Hunter has offered to look after The Boys - we were all invited but decided that I could do with the break. We are also a bit cautious taking Little man C to an isolated area with his asthma not being 100% under control and still not knowing what allergy causes it.
Below some pictures of Verlorenkloof on our last visit way back in 2006.


  1. Wonderful list!

    I do hope you feel better really fast so you can enjoy your special weekend!

    Happy Thanksgiving Thursday!

  2. You have so much to be thankful for:-)

  3. Oh Cat! I am so happy to hear the boys sort-of let you sleep a little and I'm very excited to hear that you are going away to such a gorgeous place. I hope you get LOTS of well deserved rest!

    Blessings on this Thankful Thursday!

  4. I hope you get to feeling better soon!!

  5. Great list and darling family!

    Happy Thursday

  6. your weekend sounds like so much fun! enjoy!!!

  7. I love your pix, especially the 2nd one. Excellent.

  8. Enjoy your weekend getaway!! Sounds wonderful!

    Sorry I haven't been around much lately...been busy! Done with school for the summer now (yeah!) and hope to be around more!!


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