Thursday, 4 June 2009

Thanksgiving Thursday

Playing along with Nicole at What a trip! on Thursdays:

I have had an exceptionally tough week - with Little Man L being sick, The Little Miss developing torn mouth corners (Vit 2 and zink deficiency), a staff member walking out on Tuesday and Hunter almost not sleeping for the last week.Today I want to share a short list and a tribute:
1. I am thankful that the kiddo's are sleeping once again.Yes! Now if I can only manage to get my sleep rhythm back.
2. Loyal staff members ensuring me that I am not the monster I was accused off being.
3. And discovering on his computer's hard drive the real reason for walking out - he was transgressing company policy big time by using our facilities for his own game. He realised we were closing in on him.
4. Hunter surviving his deadlines - he is really amazing and is astonishing me with his tenacity and will to succeed.
5. Modern medicine healing my kids - now if we could only find and easier way to do inhalations.
6. Good South African red wine - having a glass of Merlot as we speak.
7. And for my mom helping me to get the kids out of our house on weekends and giving Hunter the best opportunity to study in quiet. We spent most of last weekend with her - and that is my tribute - to her and Rosie helping me to do my part for his studies.
At Grannie:

Little man L loved testing the cane and crutches.

Little man C spent time with the shape sorter.

And the little Miss made this beautiful barrette (and 5 more).

Want to make some too? You need:

Steel barrettes and glue that sticks to steel

Some embellishments, rhinestones etc - and a bit of imagination

And the beautiful end result.

And you think I was that clever? Nope - a set she got for her birthday and that I kept for a day that needs some brightening. She had so much fun!

And off course, always a highlight - spending some loving time with Grannie.


  1. Those are all great things to be Thankful for. Have a great week!!

  2. What a great list! I am so sorry that a staff member walked out on you! I am positive that it was not your fault - sounds like staff member just wanted to go!

  3. Sorry to hear about the rough week...its bad enough to have a bad week at home or a bad one at work...but when they collide! Yikes! Hope the weekend is a good reprieve for you!

  4. It's always so lovely to find the silver linings!
    LOVE that photo of Little Miss & her grandmother. just gorgeous!

    I am glad the kiddies are back to sleeping and pray that the glass of merlot does the trick for you :)


  5. The barrettes are what's the name of the wine?:)

  6. You have had a rough week. Hoping that next week will be better!!!

  7. I'm so sorry you had such a tough week. It always seems to hit at once, doesnt' it? But, GOOD FOR YOU for being thankful through it all.

    Great list!

    Happy thanksgiving Thursday!


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