Saturday, 4 July 2009

You know you're in Africa when....part 1

Starting a new little series to give you guys a taste of hwat life is like over here.

This is your dustbin that should have been cleaned on Monday, as has happened every Monday this year, up to now. And today is Saturday. And just to clear it out - there is no strike happening or anything as such. African time guys, African time.


  1. So I guess there's no point in waiting till bin night to clean out the fridge because it could very well sit there for another whole week getting even more rank. Hope it gets taken soon!!! There are certain groups of our population that have their own time too, it can be very tricky to make any sort of appointment with them if they are running on "murray time".

  2. Lovely!
    (I have a garbage men/ you know you live in Alabama when story)
    You know you live in Alabama when...
    Your garbage men take your garbage out of the cans and continue to smoke using the same hand that just touched your nasty garbage! Yep, our garbage men are way nasty!

  3. I think I'm going to love this series. LOL


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