Sunday, 2 August 2009

QOTW and Yesterday

I never get a chance to participate in this but by a twist of fate and a sick sleepy kid ( no guesses who it is), I have about 2 minutes......

Question of the week: What is the biggest lesson that you have learned in your multiples' first year of life?
  • Without a doubt not to sweat the small stuff - you just don't have the time.
  • And to never think you have anything figured out, you will be proofed wrong!
  • And not to forget our favorite saying: You can survive for a year from take-awy pizza, red wine and chocolate, even if you are breastfeeding.

Also, Yesterday:
  • Exactly a year ago my dear friend Mieks passed away. I still can not believe that you can simply drop dead (aneurysm) at 40. Her daughter is doing as well as can be expected of a 18 year old without parents (but well provided for money wise). Her twin sister is struggling and her boyfriend has find a new love in one of her friends. My heart still miss her. And her death has certainly increased my appreciation of my own life.
  • The Little Miss and I went on a reward afternoon out (she helped a lot when dad was gone and was a super good girl). We saw Ice Age 3 and went for a quick bite to the Spur. She played her heart out and I had some me-time over a cup of coffee.
  • We had an icy cold rainy day, so weird for our part of the world (we do not get winter rain).
  • We saw summer clothes in the shops and bought The Little Miss her first summer skirt. Come summer!


  1. Great advice - definitely do not sweat the small stuff!
    Have a great day Cat!

  2. It's hard to remember friends you've lost. you can't help but think of the good times while you had them but mourn the sadness that they are gone. Praying for you as you remember Mieks.

    I'm not sure I want summer to come since our winter has been so warm. That rain must have been refreshing, after time without rain I love a good soaking to wash all the grottiness off the city.

  3. I totally concur on #2- the moment you think you have things figured out, everything changes, it's unfair but I guess it keeps us on our toes:)
    And I CANNOT believe Dave is from SA- I totally thought you were kidding. I have a DMB sticker on my car, and it's in the shape of Virginia, so I just assumed- but I googled and read all about it! Did you know he has twins:)?

  4. We also had the wierdest ice rain, it was not hail, but sheets of ice.
    sounds like you had a nice weekend.

    Sorry to hear about the anniversary of your fiends passing.

  5. Great lessons you have learned.

    So sorry about the sad anniversary you celebrated :(
    Glad you were able to do something fun with Little Miss to get your mind off of things.

  6. Thanks for sharing your lessons.

    Stopping from Multiples and More.

  7. Those are great and important lessons to learn:-)


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