Friday, 15 January 2010

My 500th blogpost!

Mommy's Idea
I am just loving Friday fragments- so tempting to be able to just wrap up the week in little tidbits and as this is my 500th blog post, I will fragment about.... blogging!

Currently I have 72 followers - at least half of whom I have never had a comment from. So come on, this is a special day - COMMENT!

So you follow me, but I do not follow you? Well, it is simple, I follow no-one! Jip! I only follow two blogs - SITS and the Multiples and more network.

I use my blogrol extensively - if you are on there - I read you almost every day.

So what? You are not on my blogrol but I comment very regularly? Well, I have a very nice bookmark system - if I find your blog somewhere and I like it, I bookmark it. If I start to read you regularly or you comment regularly, I move you to my bookmarks- regular folder. I check your blog as regulary as I check the guys on the blogrol.

I really have to find the time to move this system to my blogrol - it will save me heaps of time.

I really need to clean out my blogrol too - some people on there are not even blogging anymore.

I am keeping by my word to publish a "South-africanisms" item on my sidebar. Promise! Someday soon. In the meantime - "Ag shame" means either - "oh cute or "so sorry", "braai" is a barbeque, boerewors is a spicy beef and/or venison sausage and blitong is pickled dried meat (not like jerky). Nogals means something like "after all" - but that is not the best translation. "jip" means yes. "Skinner" is gossiping.

I have some followers and commenters who have no blogs showing on their profiles or blog that are months or years outdated - this drives me dilly - I want to know who you are - so please please comment today and add a blog address. Thanks! IF not - I am going to make an appeal name by name. Really!

So I call you "girl" - well, I believe we are all girls, even if you are 80, as long as you are young of heart. To be a woman is just not me. I like to think of myself as a girl.

So my blog is not a secret anymore - but just Hunter knows about it - and I have never said anything nasty about him - and he deserves it, believe me. So maybe I will skinner a bit less about the rest of the family, because maybe, someday I will tell them too.

I am really enjoying meeting fellow South Africa bloggers. I originally started reading blogs when I happened on Tertia's So Close - probably SA's best known blogger (see blogrol). I also read her sister Mel's (Doula Mel). Now I am exploring South African bloggers - and really loving it.

I am also actively seeking out other Southern Hemisphere bloggers - the Aussies, Kiwis and South Americans. And loving it.

The bloggers I still mostly read and get comments from are my fellow moms of multiples. Girls, you are my rocks - I know if I had a problem, you might have also had it. And life is "normal" even if you get it in double (or tripple etc) dose. Thanks girls!

Although I am only going to do memes this year if it suits the post I have planned, I will not forget every single one of the hosts. I promise. I just need to cut myself some slack.

Blogging is now so much part of my life that I can not imagine not doing it. But how do I with my busy programme. Well, if I take a break at work, I read yours. Lunch time -I type mine and maybe one or two "stock" ones for if I get a day that I can not find time to blog. (Like yesterdays). I also write a lot of my blogposts on my phone (that has a full keyboard) - I copy and paste them into drafts and add pictures later.

I over use exclamation marks just because I like to! And I overuse "of course" because that's the way I talk. And I use "and" wrongly at the start of sentences because that's the way I talk and I talk too much. English is still not my first or mother language. (Now that explains a lot)

So thanks for reading these random thoughts on blogging - may we spend many happy blogging moments together in future.
PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Carrie
Photo 14/365: Party time!

Hunter and I made these up on Monday night for tomorrow's party. They contain sweets, crisps, a coloring book made from free coloring pages ( a great website) and crayons. The boys get Mr Men coloring books.

We are not doing too many sweets this year - I am having lots of good snacks like open sandwiches, salty pastries etc and there will be birthday cake - already baked last night and ready to decorate tonight.

Partypacks ready!


  1. Happy 500th post!! That is quite an accomplishment:-)

    Have you tried Google reader? I love mine and it is the only way I could keep track of all the blogs that I follow:-)

  2. Congrats on your 500th post!

    I need to figure out a better system - your bookmark system sounds like it works very well for organization on reading blogs! :)

    The goody bags for the party look great! Looking forward to reading all about the party!

  3. Happy 500th post! My system for reading blogs is always a work in progress, but fortunately it does improve with each tweak. :)

  4. WOW!!! 500 posts that is amazing...I have a long way to go. the goodie bags look like fun...I will have to try the free color pages, that looks interesting!
    I love your blog always makes me smile!

  5. 500 posts is a great milestone! Congratulations! And thanks for using so many exclamation marks because I LOVE them, too !!! :)

  6. hi...just stopped by from sits to say hi!

  7. My local butcher sells biltong and boerewors. I don't know how authentic they are but they're certainly yummy!

    My gardener is South African, he's the most lovely man. If I'm home when he's here I always make a pot of tea and we sit on the front deck for a cuppa and he tells me stories about life on the farm back in SA. He's 70 years old and has been in Australia for quite a while now but I think his kids were born in South Africa.

    I think conversational English is the perfect kind to use on a blog, and yours is fine - I'd never have picked it wasn't your first language just by reading :-)

  8. 500??!!! You ROCK!

    Love LOVE the "South-Africanisms"! I think I'm going to start using a few of those in my everyday conversation for a while and see what happens.

    The party packs look ENVIABLE!! How fun!!

  9. Congrats on your milestone!

    I've so enjoyed reading your blog. And you are our only commenter from another country.

    I can't wait to see pics from the birthday party. I love the gift bags!

  10. Congratulations! Its quite an achievement.

  11. Holy cow!! 500! That's great :)

    I use "and" and exclamation points all the time too!! LOL

    And those gift packs are adorable!

  12. 500th wow, congratulations, mine came and went I see..quickly checked and I'm heading towards my 1000 post so have to keep an eye on that so I can mention it as well ( copy you )

    I'm happy we found each other Cat..I'm a South Africa but living in Germany...( lol,like u dont know hey )

    I am also addicted to blogging, when I go home I miss the easy access to the internet that I have here in Germany, all my family have those 3G cards and they get used up so quickly with blogging.

    I also find blogging is my way of keeping in touch with other woman.

  13. Happy 500th post!
    SEriously, it's easier to read blogs using a reader rather than bookmarks. If you want I'll send you an email explaining how to set it up.

  14. Congratulations! 5oo posts...that is something to brag about. I love that you write the way you talk. I am the same way. I think it gives people a better sense of who you are when you do.

    I am guilty of not updating my blog like I should. 2009 was my hardest year yet,emotionally that is. So, that is my lame excuse and I will do better this year, I promise.

  15. Congratulations on 500! I just hit that last week. Such an accomplishment, although I wonder when that happened. Haha Do I really talk that much?!

    Love the Hello Kitty!!

  16. I see someone already suggested google reader...I use it and LOVE it!!! I can get it on my cell phone even! its perfect!

    Congrats on the 500 posts...I'm nearing 1,000...crazy!!

    Have fun with Lil Miss' bday party tomorrow...we are having Adam's tomorrow, too! I just realized though, looking at your photo...that I forgot to do goody bags for the kids...oops! Hope they don't mind! Maybe I'll do a 'donation' in each child's honor to a charity instead...I'll let them know in the Thank You notes :-)

    Oh...and I, too, am baffled by the many followers I have but never hear from in comments. I wonder what drew them to my blog in the first place and why are they follower but never say hi?? odd...

  17. Well done on the big 500!

    I have found the only way I can keep up with blogs is by following either public or private and then I can see on my dashboard who updates.

  18. Yay 500 posts is awesome!
    I have to admit I am not the best commenter all the time but I do love reading your blog. I have learned so much from your blog about Africa and the cultures there. I have signed up for bloglines to help me with my blogs.


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